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    I Was Wrong - Thread of Mercy

    I have to admit that I was never on the "Roy's our boy" train... BUT I'm so glad that he's back just because he was in Melee. Cuts sucks.
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    Social The Dog Opens a Can of Whoopass: Duck Hunt Social Thread

    Several days afterwards, I still can't believe that the dog from Duck Hunt is playable. I remember just before the leak I thought how awesome it would be to see him playable, but there was no chance such an obscure character would be in. And now he's in. This is nuts.
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    Unpopular Smash 4 Opinions - share them here!

    I really like all the Ridley gags and jokes among the Smash community. In fact, I enjoy them so much that I wouldn't mind if Ridley was never playable so we could still tell "Ridley is too big" jokes.
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    The SSB4 Dream Thread

    I once dreamed that a new trailer was shown and Robb Stark (from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones) was a newcomer at the end. I still kinda wish it was true. Spoilers from the books and show below.
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    The Obscure/Historical Characters Thread!

    Here's a pretty obscure character I would love to see in Smash Bros.: T-Rex from Fossil Fighters Now, I have never played any of the Fossil Fighters games, so I'm not even gonna pretend to know what I'm talking about, but from what I've read about it it's a bit like Pokémon where you...
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