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    Official Patch Notes for 1.1.1

    I've been busy with work, among other things. I really haven't been able to go out and play much lately. Hoping things change now that the summer is rolling in.
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    Official Patch Notes for 1.1.1

    Our Jab game is still good. The full jab combo is still an excellent move to create space and just get someone off you. What our Jab 1 game was pre-nerfs was a little ridiculous. The pressure you could apply to shields out of Jab one was insane. As far as comboing with Jabs, Jab 2 into grabs...
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    Official Patch Notes for 1.1.1

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    Social Link checked the thread. Wow! This is a nice thread!

    Laaawwwwzzz! How have you been? I do have some experience in that match-up in Smash 4. We have an old school Brawl player, Cyberman, who comes down to our weeklies and plays Smash 4 and I've played him in bracket once. I sort of just treat it like the Brawl MU in that projectiles and Nair beat...
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    [Question] Wii U Bombslide

    After having spent some time in training mode practicing this I'm not sure if I'm out of practicing having not touched Brawl for so long or if these inputs are more difficult this time around. I'm finding that the upward toss bombslide is the easiest of them. I can do this 100% of the time when...
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    [AT] The Bombslide is Back.

    IT'S BACK? It's about to ger reeaaaaalllll fancy in here.
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    3DS Community Patch Notes v1.0.4 -- Engine Changes to DI

    Link's Forward Smash is much easier to connect both hits with at higher percents now. The first hit of it is no longer popping Mario up far enough to avoid the second hit.
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    3DS Community Patch Notes v1.0.4 -- Engine Changes to DI

    Link's (and I assume because of this removal it goes for Toon Link and Peach as well) DownB Bomb Throw cancel has been removed. He can't short arrows or aerials with a bomb in hand to cancel the landing lag by throwing the bomb.
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    Uprise of Long Island #8! 4/21/2012 (JP ruleset!)

    Vinnie, I only went MK in teams. And for teams I should have MK/Snake. We beat Minty/Viva as DK + Snake. I went Mario/Link in Singles.
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    Brawl Back Room Interviews

    I vote for Coney.
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    Clash of the Titans 5 Results - 6/25-26/11

    Fun weekend I guess. I had more fun hanging out with people here than I did playing the game. I did bad really early and just gave up. No johns though, it was my own fault. I'll just be better prepared next time. Good games to the people I did play though and <3 to all the people I played...
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    Clash of the Titans 5! ~ Twitter Updates @vVv_ChiboSempai

    aaaaaaaaaa. brb registering.
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    Mario Boards: General Discussion

    @Everyone: I've been working. xD I'm going to be training as a waiter soon so I won't have all these late night shifts and I'll actually be able to do stuff. I was out playing Smash tonight and I feel pretty good about these few Nationals coming up. Def gonna get back into a steady flow...
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    Mario Boards: General Discussion

    Hi guys. :D -Waves.-
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    The Top Ten Videos of Each Character It's from the same set as the one already up there for me. Just thought I'd try and get it up there.