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Recent content by KirbyFan20

  1. KirbyFan20

    The sad truth about "Taunt Parties" and why they're formed now

    I remember reading a post a while back with someone saying they only take part in taunt parties because they were really lacking in the skill department themselves. I could see that being true for some people.
  2. KirbyFan20

    Best way to fight against Bayonetta?

    I can never seem to figure out the optimal way to fight this character. Maybe Bayo mains here can give me some insight? My main characters are Kirby, Toon Link, and Peach.
  3. KirbyFan20

    I'm done with For Glory, for good

    The fact that there's no way to test connections with other players is what makes For Glory so bad to me. Simply having a way to test connection speeds with other players would be a huge improvement to FG.
  4. KirbyFan20

    I just got a weird version of Battlefield w items in 1v1 For Glory

    Honestly, they should have allowed Battlefield to be playable on For Glory by default, without hacks.
  5. KirbyFan20

    Your take on good cocky players on for glory.

    I agree with this 100%.
  6. KirbyFan20

    How do you autocancel Kirby's aerials?

    I was referring to the action that's required to perform the autocancel, such as a short or full hop, and the timing for when you need to begin the attack to perform the autocancel. I tried experimenting by myself for a while, but wasn't too successful in discovering anything. Which is why I'm...
  7. KirbyFan20

    What grinds your gears in For Glory mode? (THE ROLLENING)

    I'm in the same position; I can't improve much because there's only so much FG can offer. How about we help each other out by practicing?
  8. KirbyFan20

    How do you autocancel Kirby's aerials?

    Yes, I use Kurogane all the time. But it doesn't exactly tell you how to autocancels the moves, just the frames it can be performed on. So I wanted to see if anyone on here knew how to.
  9. KirbyFan20

    Any advice for a new Peach player?

    Thanks for all your help, I'm sure I'll be able to learn Peach a bit better now :) One more question, though, what would you say is Peach's best way of dealing with characters with good frame data, like Mario, Diddy Kong, etc.? That seems to be where I struggle the most at the moment, and it...
  10. KirbyFan20

    How do you autocancel Kirby's aerials?

    What are the timings for his autocancels?
  11. KirbyFan20

    Any advice for a new Peach player?

    Let's see... I just very recently picked up Peach, about 2 weeks ago. I just learned how to float over people's shields with her float jump to shield-pressure with down-air, I know her side-tilt is somewhat good for stopping aerial approaches, and I know that I should catch turnips after I hit...
  12. KirbyFan20

    Any advice for a new Peach player?

    Thanks so much for the help! Would you like to play me and tell me what else I could work on?
  13. KirbyFan20

    Any advice for a new Peach player?

    Thanks for the help, starting to get the basics of using her.
  14. KirbyFan20

    Any advice for a new Peach player?

    Just picked Peach up very recently and was wondering if I could get any advice for starting out with her?
  15. KirbyFan20

    Q&A Ask the Princess: Peach FAQ and Q&A

    I just recently picked up Peach very recently, any tips for starting out with her?
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