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    The Four Knights Storm The Castle! (Castle Crashers Knights for Smash)

    Woah! Someone ELSE wants this? Finally I’m not alone with this idea. I support this. These guys should totally get in.
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    "A Bad Smash Day..."- Conker for Ultimate!

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    Team Star Fox for Smash! Slippy Toad & Peppy Hare Fly In!

    I’m suprised more people aren’t talking about this, I support this!
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    "A Bad Smash Day..."- Conker for Ultimate!

    YES. This sounds awesome! Now that we have the more popular rare rep, we have more of a chance in future smash titles to get Conker in. I love this game, and the idea of having it represented in smash makes me straight up giddy. Glad I found this thread.
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    -Darkness Looms- Specter Knight for Smash! PK_King554
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    09ᵋ - Mr. L, Green Thunder!

    Having recently played through super paper mario, and deeming it my all-time favorite game, I think this is an awesome idea!
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    Olimar's Infamous Assistant - Louie Support Thread!

    Oh, the memories of playing Pikmin 2 as my favorite astronaut. You can have my support. ALL HAIL THE BIG KING. Mabye he can have his own moveset. Maybe he could even ride upon the titian dweevil......
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    Chozo for Smash!

    You can have my support, this idea is actual genius.
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    -Darkness Looms- Specter Knight for Smash!

    Now, I don't think this is very likely, especially since Shovel Knight would come first. But, with time and patience, this Ghoulish Ninja could be joined by his Shovel using opponent. Origins...
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    The master of puppetry weaves a web! Taranza for Smash Ultimate DLC!

    Favorite character from Kirby getting in smash? You can count me in! This guy's pretty underrated, so I'm floored that other people want this. Spider gang for life. Besides, I can't be the only one who would worship a Taranza amiibo.
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    Enemy Of The Federation - Sylux for Smash Ultimate (DLC)

    I'll admit I haven't played prime hunters, but you have my support, I'd love to see this guy in smash!
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    The Mad Alchemist... - Plague Knight for Smash!

    After playing through Plague of Shadows and beating this guy in the other campaigns, I can easily say I want this guy. We'll most likely have to wait for Shovel Knight, but I won't give up hope. It'll be a while, but all through this you can have my support. My favorite character never saw too...
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    Conker's Bad Smash Day

    Favorite game ever getting a rep? You can count me in! (Let's hope we also get a cameo from Don Weaso) My support is given. Glad other people want this.
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    Ciao! Smash Switch Dimentio Support Thread!

    I'm not alone? Huzzah! Time for the *Smash* Ultimate Show to commence on the battlefield! You have my support! Dimentio shall soon arrive, like a sudden windstorm at a kindergarten picnic.
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    The One Winged Angel~ Sephiroth Support Thread

    We need more villains, and this imposing badass should fill up the 3rd party villain role.
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