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  • Actually, Buzz lives in midvale now. And just FYI, Idaho players come down for tournaments usually once a month or so, so if you know any of them you could easily hitch a ride.
    Oh wow lol, flip that number around and that was how old I thought you were :p

    Okay, so I see what you mean now. I'm pretty average in age (18) and the rest of the scene is pretty close to that. Our top players are 19, 21, 16, 20, and 17, so that kinda shows our age range. :p

    Would your parents allow you to go to a tournament if it were a massive event with lots of security and stuff to protect you? (I'm being absolutely serious right now)
    I have many sexual deviancies, but none towards my fellow human males.

    Also, aren't you in college? Or are you a lil young'un?
    Better than nothing.

    You should come down for a smash tournament sometime. Who do you use anyway?
    I hava a gamer dating account?! WHOA IMMA USE THAT NOW!! to bad I'm already taken lol.

    Scraffty > Bouffalant, but I will admit, Bouffalants manliness levels are off the charts. Easily one of the most attractive beings to ever spawn from a game based off a Japanese childrens anime.
    Oh. Snap. I'm being stalked for not smash.

    Scrafty was pretty much made for me. I love defensive playstlyes and Dark is my favorite type. He also has a lot of great stat boosting moves (I am a huge fan of these) and an amazing overall moveset. Ge has only two weakness, has the coolest Japanese name ever, and is the most badass mother ****er ever. JUST LOOK AT HIM. He's obviously studly. Who wouldn't be with looks like that?
    Add this next time you get on mkwii

    Great job commentating last night btw, vids were awesome :D
    Box, I really disliked going from 1st to last on Goldmine. I blame you D:
    I just saw this

    I didn't even touch you :0

    You jut hit the mine kart :(
    well the visitor message thing was just surprising to me sorry! :ohwell:
    but it depends on where you live in utah. Do you live in Salt Lake? anywhere else in Utah basically is boring
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