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    Social Mushroom Kingdom Reunion: Introduce yourself, and find off/online matches here!

    Username/Tag: Mirai CAPITAL Palette(s): I am very competitive Location: New Orleans, Louisiana NNID: KeeganIsTopTier Facts About Yourself: The top two players in my state are Captain Zack and Samsora, who are two really good Peach players. I was inspired by these two as well as SlayerZ to play...
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    Peach Discord Server

    Discord me fam
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    sup fam

    sup fam
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    Nice job at Pound 2016! Hope to see more of you!

    Nice job at Pound 2016! Hope to see more of you!
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    Banning Bayonetta in Tournaments

    true but i see it as people are just complaining too much. She still hasn't won a major yet while shiek has won many. We just haven't had enough time to truly see her do good enough to be banned. Sure zero to deaths are overwhelming but many characters have those. I think people just need to...
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    Banning Bayonetta in Tournaments

    exactly lol. makes no sense honestly
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    Re: Bayonetta - Character hate in competitive play? An analysis

    Sorry if this is off topic but....... My take on this: Everyone thinks Bayo is 2gud Many people hate Bayo for this This includes top players Top players complain Smaller locals ban Bayo More people complain Time is lost complaining This time could have been spent learning Bayo match up This...
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    Bayonetta patch 1.1.5

    Basically it means you are punished more for missing if I understand correctly. Not sure exact time on the deduction but I know that WTime restores 6 frames(one second is 60 frames in sm4sh) every 100 frames now(not sure exact time it was last patch but I'm assuming it was much faster at...
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    Anyone else feel witch time is much weaker?

    If I understand what you are saying correctly, the damage scaling has changed in WTime? If this is the case, then I believe you are incorrect. This has not been stated by any Bayonetta player I have seen talking about the nerfs so far. What you might be feeling is the damage nerfs to her smash...
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    Bayonetta patch 1.1.5

    So far there hasn't been anything damaging to her that has been found so I'm glad. One thing that I wish we would get would be warnings or dates about patches so they don't come out of nowhere so we can actually have a clue about what will/might happen. I feel this patch has been one of the...
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    Just got my graphics! Looks amazing and it was definitely worth the wait. I hope everyone is as satisfied as I am. Would def recommend. Great graphics + the price of free = Good deal! Mr. Game & Watch Rates this 9/9
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    Bayonetta patch 1.1.5

    I def agree with this. I also have something to say about the dair issue. On some stages like smashville and FD(only ones I've tested/seen it done on), you can still recover if you don't short hop over ledge. I've been able to do it with the double jump cancel witch twist as well as without it...
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    Click on his name in the forum and select start a conversation.
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    SSB4 Character Elimination Game 2016 (GAME OVER! WINNER: YOSHI)

    Mario (16) Little Mac (16) Wario (15)-- Lucario (15) Mii Brawler (10) Peach (16)+ Lucina (12) Falco (15)
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    Wednesday Night Fights feat. Larry Lurr, VoiD, Tearbear, Zenyou, And More!

    Anyone have the bracket link if there was one?
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