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King of Sack
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  • Hey dude, not sure if you come here too often anymore but just wanted to say GGs today! Too bad you had to leave before we could have a Summit match (sliding Fsmashes + giant fish + WiFi = good times).

    You posted on the Ike video thread that you wanted someone to record two games for you; if you e-mail me the replays, I'll try and get them recorded and uploaded by the time the weekend is over, unless you want to upload them yourself.
    Oh god! Lol, a drowning SD >_>

    I've just had a lot of very recent practice dittoing other Ikes (I've played 9 of my sets now).
    Hey, great games again man. Lol, I had to get Summit in there once for the sliding Fsmash fun :laugh:
    1) Snake was pretty good. Good with grenades but maybe mix it up a bit more with some other stuff. Definitely needs more C4 and more grabs, Snake's grab game is amazing if used in conjunction with his explosives.

    Example: I once planted a C4 a little ways from the edge of the stage while my opponent was off-stage, when he got back I grabbed him at the edge and did a dthrow, he rolled back right into the C4 and I detonated it for the KO. Epic mind-games cause earlier I was chasing his rolls and re-grabbing him after dthrow.

    We'll have to have some Snake dittos next time too, I haven't played Snake in awhile but he's fun to use from time to time.

    2) Lol, I've seen videos of Kirk doing a lot of things but I think I only saw him water spiking once. It was on Delfino against a R.O.B I believe. He KOd the R.O.B twice with water spikes, the second time right after the R.O.B tried to water spike him. And yah that was also the vid where he spiked the guy underwater and then spiked him again as he resurfaced three more times until he died. That's where I learned how to tim that :)
    Lmao, my signature spelling fail :lick: there's also 'Fayel' which is pretty win (ironic huh?).
    Awesome games man! That was the most fun I've had in 1v1s in a long time. You like, got better near the end there or something, lol; either that or I just started failing more >_>

    OMG I wanted to try out my Fox and have you rate him but... well, what did you think of my side B fail? I thought I had perfect form on it :laugh:
    Lolz, I think me and Brett each got a water spike on each other. I know I finished a match with one on pirate ship. Water spiking is fun but I like off-stage spiking more.

    What do you mean you suck at FFAs? You were doing great, especially with MK o___O
    "I can out water spike brett now"

    LIES... sometimes.
    If you're including the one against my Zelda... that was crap. I spiked you like 20459687 times and YOU managed to kill ME.

    "If you give me your wii code I could send you some really good game between brett and me. At the end of one we were both at about 120% and we foward smashed each other but brett charged his so I won. :D"

    I watched some of the games again. Wifi games are a lot less exciting when you don't keep in mind that it's Wifi. But each game did have a few good moments. Lol, I don't know why we Fsmashed.. I think mine was supposed to be a tilt, but I messed up.

    "I suck at FFAs"

    Nah. You just get into the action too much, probably. Lol. When FFAs split into 2 1v1 situations, I try to hit my opponent into the other people and just sit back and take little stabs until I have the lead. =P
    Great games today dude! Your Ike is getting better and your MK surprise buttsexes me every time O___o

    Lol, I kept trying to spike you but I'd fail at the timing and you'd stage spike me with shuttle loop.
    Nah, im mello. well now theyre watching judge joe mathis so ill bring the setup in my room XD
    Hey. Good games today. I remember there were two especially where I thought "WOW, that was a good game." One was on Delfino and one was against my Zelda.. somewhere.
    Anyway. It would appear as though you've improved, unless my imagination is dumb.

    Wifi sucks, by the way. Have I ever mentioned that? (Exhibit A: The number of QDs landed today by both of us.)
    Okay. Now that I have a Brawl disc again (again).
    Give me a bit to set up my TV and Wii, though. It's all in my car because I was at a smashfest the other day and was too lazy to take it back out.
    Good games again.
    I've noticed a few things. A lot of the time, you throw out attacks expecting me to come into them. Sometimes that worked, because I was rushing a lot, but did you notice me using counter against you a lot? I got pretty used to it at one point.
    Another thing. A lot of the time when you're off the edge, you tend to Fair towards the stage in hopes of hitting me. You don't grab the edge because of this, and you have to Aether back to stage, which is bad. And when I can't hit you out of it, you almost always follow up by ledge-hopping. Remember, you can attack, roll, drop and then jump with an airdodge or Fair or Nair.. you have options that you aren't using a lot of the time.
    Again, good games. Maybe next time I won't average a suicide every match. 0.o
    Crap, I'd like to but my brother's on the tv right now >.<

    Maybe later if you're still on?
    Er... I'm pretty sure it's 'In my arrogant opinion', but I could be wrong. Check and see if that makes sense in the context you say it in :ohwell:

    IMO is definitely 'In my opinion' though.
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