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    Countering (Projectile) Spam - Ultimate

    I don't get what you're trying to say.
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    Countering (Projectile) Spam - Ultimate

    I'm sorry (for this very late post) but zoners are suppose to zone people; hence using the projectile to space you out. Not everyone is nor not everyone wants to be a rushdown character. If you think people who use projectiles is cowardly fine, but I feel like you're not going to learn if...
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    Event The Big House 9 - Discussion Topic

    Dabuz :ultolimar: 3-0 Armada :ultinkling:
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    If I’m in Elite Smash how good am I?

    I disagree, Hero is not anywhere close in being cheap. Annoying, yes, but not cheap. Anyway, I feel like the GSP system is what messes up Elite Smash.
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    Thoughts on Hero's ban

    Why make it uncancable? It's already pretty difficult to use, and hot being able to cancel it makes you wide open for an attack.
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    Why is online in this game so bad?

    Wait, why does that matter?
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    When is it the best time to use Command Selection?

    Thank you for this. It's very informative and detailed. :)
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    When is it the best time to use Command Selection?

    I'm labbing with Hero and I really like him, but I'm having trouble using his Command Selection. In short I accidentally keep using the wrong moves leaving me or I kamikaze myself to oblivion. Any tips?
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    Why is online in this game so bad?

    I sometimes really hate doing 2v2 with my cousins because we have to deal with the bs of double teabag heavies (King K) It's not fun It's really irritating And there's no point of versing them because once they win they'll quickly leave. Same can be called...
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    Underdog DLC Picks

    Edit: Fudge I misread it. I would say Goemon from the Mystical Ninja series. Adding another Konami represent, most of his games were on the Famicon/NES even though the series is still unknown with the exception of one game on the SNES and 2 on the N64.
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    How do you think Smash 4 could be improved?

    I dunno, it would be a moveset change for one and that would be Palutena.(really don't like her current moveset) I think they should bring back the different victory animations for teams. It's stupid that if you're in a team battle and it's on one victory pose for you and your team mate. I...
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    An influx of Kirbies in For Fun?

    That is true. The cute characters would be chosen the most on For Fun. It was a little surprising as a Kirby to see a lot of the cute puffball a lot. Really? I don't see that much Lucas on For Fun mode, I see more Kirby. Haha. Thanks for the answers. I had another question regarding another...
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    An influx of Kirbies in For Fun?

    I mean it's not a problem, but I was wondering because most of the time I joined a room there's a Kirby.
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    *Poll* Have you ever been called names on FG?

    Some Ganon player called my cousin a Noob after he lost.
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    Problems with Pro Controller?

    That happened to my Pro Controller too. I don't really know why it happened either, I thought it was due to the batteries of the Wii remote being low. Sometimes I have to quickly unplug and replug it back in to make it work again.
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