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    Guide: How to Play Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    You missed a few things such as how his other moves are altered when Arsene is out. The most notable in my opinion is how his dair only spikes when he has his persona out. Otherwise it just hits to the side. Something important to keep in mind if you going for a spike or a gimp and Arsene has a...
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    Frustration with Marth.

    You mean Lucy?
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    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    1. Playing free for all with 4 players and items turned on is fun and enjoyable. 2. Throws were much stronger back in smash 64 and should have kept that same level of KO power. 3. Spiking/gimping/edge guarding people isn’t fun. It’s much more enjoyable and satisfying to KO them with a huge...
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    Frustration with Marth.

    I hadn’t realized how much changed since Melee with him, I loved the entire lore of him to. A quick, skilled, and graceful sword wielding prince that became a King. He’s still fast but the graceful reliable tipper seems like it’s gone for good. ☹️
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    Frustration with Marth.

    I played Lucina a bit and did indeed have better luck with her. I appreciate the feedback in the thread as well! I’ve noticed how much more difficult it is to tip with him in Ultimate when I could consistently nail it in melee. It even seems like his range for nerfed as I distinctly remember...
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    If you had to choose one more character from the existing third party series in Smash, who would you choose?

    Dream characters? Kain and Raziel from Blood Omen and some of the cast from Chrono Trigger. Magus, Robo, and Crono specifically as I feel their fighting style could be best adapted to the game.
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    SSBU - What are your nitpicks?

    Tea baggers in online play. They removed taunts for a reason and it was decision I agree with.
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    Can we talk about Arm Rotor?

    Yeah it’s a little ridiculous how useful this move is, it can combo, it can kill, and the uppercut at the end has a hitbox behind him. I whiffed it and sent a pichu that stood behind me in to the air. It was a little ridiculous. Or another time where someone got clipped behind me by the spin...
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    Frustration with Marth.

    Hello all, for some background I haven’t played Smash since the GameCube and I picked up Ultimate as I wanted to get back in to it. In Melee when I unlocked Marth I really enjoyed the character. When Ultimate came out I immediately gravitated towards him but I’ve having issues taking him in the...
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    Do you rematch?

    Hey all, first thread here from a player looking to improve but this is something I’ve asked elsewhere and got some interesting responses. I normally don’t rematch, as of this moment I’ve been working on the various online play challenges so I need to be able to switch characters and collect...
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    Is it just harder to play online than locally?

    So far the majority of my matches have had some kind of network lag and it’s really frustrating. There are times where I feel like I’m fighting against the spaghetti coding rather than the other player.
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