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Recent content by KeroKeroppi

  1. KeroKeroppi

    sup fam

    yo so i'm gonna use my twitter to start promoting ssb64 find me at @kerokeroppi64 or click https://twitter.com/kerokeroppi64 if you could follow me and retweet my last tweet that would be a huge help ty -kero the great
  2. KeroKeroppi

    Genesis 3 thread (January 15th-17th, 2016) PRE-REG: https://smash.gg/tournament/genesis-3/details

    expect an entirely different kero than the one you saw at smashcon i'm taking this tournament seriously
  3. KeroKeroppi

    Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!

    maafia's ego approaching my level except i get results :awesome:
  4. KeroKeroppi

    Super Smash Con 2015

    yo if you guys watch the vids from smashcon can you let me know about any bad habits you notice i have?? i've noticed that some times i'll get off the ledge too quickly after grabbing it and be punished or that i'll try to land center stage after using all my kirby jumps just to end up being...
  5. KeroKeroppi

    The Struggle

    i'm in a clan with your mom
  6. KeroKeroppi

    Super Smash Con 2015

    corny as it sounds, being on that stage was one of the happiest moments of my life i love this game and whether or not you guys like to admit it, it is clear that i am going to become the best player in the world i'm going to beat boom, i'm going to beat isai, and then i'm going to fly to...
  7. KeroKeroppi

    Super Smash Con 2015 Housing Thread

    yo me and the squad need a place to stay who's tryna hook me up
  8. KeroKeroppi

    kero v skyfire

    nvm lmaooooooo
  9. KeroKeroppi

    kero v skyfire

    streaminfg fam
  10. KeroKeroppi

    kero v skyfire

    this is our first time doing this **** idk how it's going to go we might be playing a little meh because we're simultaneously double teaming your mom lol cashbah http://www.twitch.tv/kerokeroppi
  11. KeroKeroppi

    Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!

    brah don't you remember my first competitive set????
  12. KeroKeroppi

    Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!

    lmaoo this guy bangoku been back for like 37 hrs and is already silencing the voices of the good ol' citizens of swf at least the power is back in the right hands #****madao GLAD THINGS ARE GOING BACK TO THE WAY THEY WERE now we jus need sk, battlecattle, and ballin to argue about some ****...
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