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Recent content by Kei_Takaro

  1. Kei_Takaro

    SJS CSPs!

    Just want these done, thanks! http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ydh8lq533lcjxd/Samurai+Olimar.zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/1c04tidfdhsb0dg/Twilight+Princess+Sheik.rar https://uploadir.com/u/9y3610mx
  2. Kei_Takaro

    Sonic General Discussion/Social thread

    Was reviewing some old Wizzy CEO and Darky videos in my harddrive, I noticed that they move/get around the stage pretty fast compared to how I play, anyone here wanna share how they fare in doing/practicing perfect wavelands?
  3. Kei_Takaro

    Sonic General Discussion/Social thread

    I remember from somewhere, he said he'd go back to PM once it reaches Gold. Get hype?!?
  4. Kei_Takaro

    Sonic General Discussion/Social thread

    --Crossing fingers for Wizzy--
  5. Kei_Takaro

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    Wait I'm sorry I didn't notice lol, surprised no one asked me since I made the logo, here you go guys: Sorry if the Smash logo doesn't have Hi-Res when I made it, but I'll try to update it to HD soon. Also for clarification, Moxie2D made the drawings in inside the boxes lmao
  6. Kei_Takaro

    Smash 3 HD Remix - The Thread

    Curious, what is your specs when you run this setup?
  7. Kei_Takaro

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    I wasn't able to recreate it but I found a bug where falco would freeze-float in the air in the charging up part of Firebird animation and the fire effects weren't there. -Lite v1.00 -Battlefield (alt. bg version) -Pichu v. Falco
  8. Kei_Takaro

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    I kinda got a bit carried away, but here you guys go? All cover types zipped here: http://uploadir.com/u/fztqhnau Also sketches rightfully belong to Moxie2D
  9. Kei_Takaro

    Q&A Ask about Pikachu! Hosted by Axe and N64! feat. dkuo!

    Anything specific you guys do to practice Pika's SH? Currently trying to do dashdance rhythms and then attempting a SHFFL nair (or uair, but difficulty got too steep for me doing this for now) Also switching between training and level 1 cpus on attack
  10. Kei_Takaro

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    Just wanna drop by and say how awesome the mod is! Thanks SDR team! First time playing Pichu and he feels very relevant. and I'm gonna wait for that universal Lite version to come out so I could spread it around my locals.
  11. Kei_Takaro

    Removing files to clear up space in Melee?

    Is it possible to remove every trophy and singleplayer stage and then having the "character select" screen after the "press start" screen?
  12. Kei_Takaro

    Dash out of Sprint.

    Now tried it, it is really good! It's kinda like a long dash dance, I'm gonna have to reconfigure my controller setup for an easier input execution. Wish I knew how to apply it better and consistently though. Since my L is for taunt cancelling , I'm gonna have to think this through for a while.
  13. Kei_Takaro

    Dash out of Sprint.

    Never heard of it so thanks. I'll try this once I get home.
  14. Kei_Takaro

    Farthest Off Stage Back Air Possible

    Got to learn it today, I keep forgetting the inputs every other time due to how weird it is, but implementing it should help improve Sonic's off-stage game.
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