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  • It went pretty good! I went 3-2 ;D Lost to ZMT and Deadweight. I need some Rob practice ); but Peach dittos are so much fun with Kyon~ lol it was reall cool you should've came dude
    Hey I played a Peach at the Gamezone tourney yesterday! I think the peach player name was Hiroi. Luckily I had all that peach training during doubles at tony's. If not I woulda got *****. GL at doubles at Gigs!!!
    hey! i live in Kissimmee, FL. But we're able to get rides :D Are they any fests soon?
    yeah, same place, for sure I'll play when are you free?, also you should come to rx-'s free tournament this sat its down the street from where you used to live.
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