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    I dont think vilager is as good as people say

    I do get that Bayo is causing a lot of debate and i do think theres a lot of silly **** going on,but im talking matchup specific,where i find that villager struggles against her,more so than other characters (and i have a handful of very solid alts). I find that villager has a hard time...
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    Killing with Villager

    As a zoning character you should also learn your opponents patterns and punish especially at kill percents,small things like looking at how he reacts to loid. You can maybe oberserve him always jumping over it, a mind game would be to never punish it and leaving him in the feeling that its a...
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    I dont think vilager is as good as people say

    I must say with the addition of the newest DLC characters,Villager most certainly went down in the ladder,Cloud and Corrin are a disadventageous matchup and Bayonetta is just a losing one. And the fact that theres basically no other Villager thats doing well in big tournaments other than Ranai...
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    Dthrow nair mixups

    i pretty consistently get away with dthrow nair dair,but dont do that at 0%.
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    Villager Skype Group ♪

    Villager main from Switzerland. Skype ist kef.tii
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    bowser jr Skype group?

    Bowser jr a solid secondary of mine,count me in.Skype is kef.tii
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    Effectively punishing sing in a mirror

    Using sing in a mirror match is asking for a punish. I dont know how this is supposed to be a viable option. Rest punish if it kills. If he got high enough % go for bair. If hes too low % for kill and im low enough not to die from a rest punish myself id still go for the ballsy plays and rest...
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    Villager Video Thread

    queenlepine,your game has greatly improved i can tell.and also dont worry,this DK plays solid,unlike that marth,so youre in a better still advice more nairs though.and one thing i saw was your grabbing of the ledge which pushed DK away couldve been followed up by bowling ball/dair/nair...
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    Villager Video Thread

    Learn the matchup is what id advice you,apart from the usual villager techniques you should refine more.Since this Ike was constantly doing risky plays you shouldve teached him not to spam the same 3moves over and over that you couldve punished with fairs,throws and jabs at the least... But id...
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    Villager Video Thread

    QueenLepine, I advice you to improve on your spacing game, nair as well as uair and dair have rather long lasting hitboxes and are pretty fast short hopped or strong out of shield (nair) options. Ftilt is a good get off of me tool too. I also advice you to make better edgeguard and recovery...