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    Heart Rate of Smashers

    I recently got a heart rate monitor for multiple reasons and decided to test it out while playing smash out of curiosity. I mainly wanted to know when my mind shifts gears and to know if it's a good indicator of when I start to panic when playing the game since I have a pretty weak mental game...
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    Where would you place Lucario on the tier list?

    Since it's been over a year, I just wanted to see what you guys think of Lucario. :ultlucario:
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    Why an ARMS Rep is such a Big Deal

    I was always extremely shocked when I found out Ultimate didn't have a playable fighter because Nintendo promoted the crud out of that game. Also in the short time I tried the game I could see it being very fun once you get past learning curve of the controls (but I was busy with other stuff so...
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    Tips on getting better?

    Not a super pro but I am progressing muuuuch faster than I did before. #1 Get plenty of sleep. Almost every person I know skips sleep rather regularly. Your ability to remember things and reaction time are going to be hindered or make some things impossible if you don't get enough sleep.... I...
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    Extreme Speed - Control

    Lucario's Up+B drives me insane in this game. Just feels like if your finger moves at all when you start the move, He'll just stick to always curving in that direction and won't let you change it mid-way like you can if you went straight. In Smash 4 that didn't happen and you could just change...
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    What kind of gimmick would you give your most wanted?

    I like it when the moveset in general is enough to set a character apart from other people. I'll try to add gimmicks to them anyways. Though my most wanted are rather unlikely and I wouldn't be surprised if there's some character I want more that I just can't think of. Besides, I already got my...
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    35 PGRUv2 Players Teamed Up to Create an Ultimate Tier List

    I agree with picking who you like and play well with. If you hate the character, then it'll be a toll on your mind later which can effect you during matches or when you're trying to improve. If you can't get with the gameplay, they just might never be the character for you. So if you're someone...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    That's the plan at least. It's just hard to stick with it because I keep getting tempting to play characters that are not my mains for a bazillion different reasons. Which makes it hard to focus on one character that will help me get good at the game so i can then spread the general basics to...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    Trying to stick to them is the hard part and the reason why I made this thread. Sorry if I didn't make it super clear before, been cutting into sleep to play smash lately so I probably wasn't using the right words. Problem was that I was going "I'm sleepy, but I'll get into elite smash today...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    Yeah pretty much that's the case. I try to take precautions but it takes time to decide what needs to be done in Smash, then with the little time I have i start panicing that I'm taking time just trying to manage the time and somedays I'll just use up all of the little time I have just trying to...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    Where it all started is kinda hard to really determine. Fox looked so cool back in the day and his attacks looked awesome so he was the first one I used in Melee. Problem with playing Fox in Melee is that just trying to learn the buttons, he was too fast for me to really see much of a...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    I'll definitely give :ultroy:Roy another shot. I know someone else who would be absolutely delighted to hear me playing Roy as well. Perhaps they'll give me tips on how to play Roy like how I helped them get better with Samus. :ultgreninja:Greninja being a bit harder to pick up than others is...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    The problem with picking a character I think I'm best at, is that I might just be limiting myself with a character that might not be good for me in the long run, and doesn't really help me learn the game. Like if I were to pick a character right now to do my best with, It'd probably be...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    Of the 3 I've been cycling between lately. Ridley has the highest highs, and the lowest lows because he's probably the most likely character out of the roster that I play I will 3 stock an opponent with him, and then be 3 stocked by them the next game and back to 3 stocking them again even if...
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    Any tricks to keep you staying on your Main?

    Smash is fun because there's so many fun characters to play that I can enjoy playing any of them, however this is also a problem because I want to get better at the game. It's just so mentally draining every time I look at the character select screen and it wastes time I could be using playing...
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