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Recent content by Keefer

  1. Keefer

    Current highest known GSP

    Jr. Is insanely fun.
  2. Keefer

    Neo learns melee

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_s7WQWFK3Y I just finished this from an idea I had while watching the matrix. Let me know what you think! :bluejump:
  3. Keefer

    Meet Melee Light, A Browser-Based Version of Melee

    depends what adapter you're using. If its the nintendo official one then you can only play it on firefox with vJoy drivers. If you have a mayflash then you can use it on the chrome browser.
  4. Keefer

    Meet Melee Light, A Browser-Based Version of Melee

    Played for a couple hours and did notice some differences but was also very surprised at how accurate it is. No input lag that I could report but I was using vJoy drivers and dash dancing felt a little weird to me.
  5. Keefer

    EVO 2016 Game Lineup Announced! MELEE & SMASH 4 CONFIRMED!

    Literally 1/3rd of the lineup is Nintendo games. HAHAHA... I love it.
  6. Keefer

    RF7 SK92 Signed By Royal Flush!

    It was just a question. Didn't need the added input really.
  7. Keefer

    Panda Global Signs Wobbles!

    Texas represent!
  8. Keefer

    Additional Character and Stage Slots Have Been Discovered

    Cmon guys. Sora is begging to be in smash.
  9. Keefer

    Genesis 3 - Date and Venue Announced

    Looking forward to going to this one.
  10. Keefer

    Smash 4 and Melee Added To MLG World Finals 2015!

    My thoughts exactly haha
  11. Keefer

    Rivals Of Aether Coming To Steam Early Access September 22nd

    Better get my settings right ahead of time so my gamecube controller works properly with this!
  12. Keefer

    SD Remix News And Updates

  13. Keefer

    20XX CSTAT Edition - Texas A&M Texture Mod Released!

    Smash is going to motivate me to go back to school.
  14. Keefer

    Weekend Watchlist Lucky 13: Tons Of Tournaments!

    This is going to be my first national tournament! I'll be entered for LTC3 melee singles, doubles, and sm4sh doubles :D I'm also going to be streaming from the hotel here http://www.twitch.tv/r_cancel
  15. Keefer

    Attention Peons

    We dribblin nao boyz :yeahboi:
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