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Recent content by Katana_koden

  1. Katana_koden


    After some extensive testing, this is an abysmal bad game design flaw. If not by now noticed you cannot up b directly downwards? It's because her up b travels along the ground like an L shape. So pretty much if you up b in the adownward
  2. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    lol yeah, better when notified
  3. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    I'm getting home soon, will I get to play any one? :phone:
  4. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    Darn I wanted to play but didn't see this post last night =( :phone:
  5. Katana_koden

    Advancing Pit's metagame!Post-ban preparation!

    Glad you understand some of pits physics Lenus, keep working on it. I'm still into the technical frame traps + mind-fux. Here's a bit we don't know about fighting our character. Pit is god-like annoying, not only because his arrows. Pit baits you 70-80% of the match to attack him. Unless he's...
  6. Katana_koden

    Georgia Social Thread

    May Come depending on Exactly when...
  7. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    I'm so tired of stage and character discussions. I come back to see these boards unchanged with improved ideas. Though I love the community, I'm an information *****. I'm all for spacing techs as well as adding new ones. :phone:
  8. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    I've been meaning to say stuff but I don't know what to say. Going to be more on aib soon to learn wifi. Iai_pit is my name if you want to add me. :phone:
  9. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    Yeah it is stupid considering planking is very punishable other than mk. My friend has ledge mind games with link, tink, zss, and shiek's 1 frame ledge grabs. Certain cases, it becomes an extension of the stage, rather then just planking when it comes to higher skill. :phone:
  10. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    ahhhhh I miss the boards. Sadly I can't play this game the way I want because all my friends quit and play marvel.. I played public recently and own just about anyone but still rusty that I do crap vs top players. I need more players because I really want to play. People keep asking me to join...
  11. Katana_koden

    It's a trap! Pit trap idea thread

    This is an old one for me: Woi in front of them usually a faked dash rush. Grab them if they block. If they usually side step, woi-->f-tilt usually works. I think thats mind games.... You always have the baited uair chase, they evade it to get a dair. :phone:
  12. Katana_koden

    Ask Pitzer anything Pit related (Mechanics, and Technical stuff)

    Wow you guys seem to be going backwards when it comes to being technical with pit. The news just gets older and older. Woi grounded invincible 1-4 5th frame 2 things happen: 1) wind box begin 2) false invincibility state ( can be hit but super armor and no damage) False invincibility also...
  13. Katana_koden

    Bridging the Gap- The Higher Level Analysis Thread

    Everyone compares their character to another in matchups giving them helpful hints but is always situational. When it comes down to it, it's about knowing what that character can and how that player plays. In between which is also important, is the mind games. There are few reasons others are...
  14. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    Anyways this is why I do bad at tourneys. I'm good with pit That I can beat great players, but i will loose to the wackness.
  15. Katana_koden

    Kowns Thread.

    Just did a money match vs M2K, Pit can definitely beat him. But his skill lvl was 2 great. I managed to take both stocks on both rounds. Why does everyone get 3 stocked by him? Its funny I footstooled him near the bottom of the stage 2x yet he drilled to the edge before I made it back, was...
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