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    Introducing Rebounded Recovery; A new lucas tech to mix up your recovery

    It does not work as ness tho, even S1 confirmed it. I dont think its a surprise for anyone that we can bounce of walls to use our recovery again. The Idea behind this mixup is rather to bounce of the wall close to the ledge, avoid to grab it and to use the PKT2 offensively instead of using it to...
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    Introducing Rebounded Recovery; A new lucas tech to mix up your recovery

    This one Is a great mixup when recovering. It can be used in several ways like for instance give you more breathing room when recovering from ledge, or to evade the punish if you have no invisframes left at the ledge. Read the description for more information regarding this AT...
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    Official *hop* "Save your game?" - Lucas Results Thread

    WhYYZ haha its Gothenburg or the swedish Göteborg. Göthenburg cracked me up hahaha!
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    Lucas Hitbox Visualization

    Do we have any visuals for the hitbox of PK Freeze? I was thinking of doing some labwork on which characters jablock PKF might work on and it would be really handy!
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    Introducing Snakeskipping; A new Lucas AT

    Might it be the spacing? Try replicate the distance from the video. You'll want to press down almost immediately after pressing your tether button. If this doesnt help, try recording it and I'll help. And yeah WhYYZ, Im hoping I failed rather than it doesnt work with Lucas - I allways figured...
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    Introducing Snakeskipping; A new Lucas AT

    Nice to hear Pollo my man, the timing is quite easy after you've done it once - the tricky part is knowing the angles. :) I was thinking of doing a chart of where they are, but maybe its not needed? Yeah there are def. alot of mixups options here, I didnt even include attacks like jab, dtilt...
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    Introducing Snakeskipping; A new Lucas AT

    Yeah man! I've only done it by accident before but decided to lab it some more when i found the skipping. I hadnt even thought about it from a PP, love the feedback. Its all these small questions and thoughts that really can push the characters boundries.
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    Introducing Snakeskipping; A new Lucas AT

    The easiest way for me to do it consistently is by buffering it out of shield, since you can hold your left analog stick all the way to the right / left without running of the platform. Shield, Roll up to the ledge, keep holding shield and the analog stick, slide your thumb from jump to A. Its a...
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    Introducing Snakeskipping; A new Lucas AT

    Heeell its about time. A new Advanced technique found with Lucas. I recently found it by accident but it was rather straightforward to replicate and understand how it works. There are quite many applications to this tech but i still urge you to use it advertently, if your opponent expects a...
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    How to avoid last hit of Nair

    Fast fall at the apex of your shorthop, if done correctly you should land before the last hit connects. Its not a true combo btw, but Trunks allready covered that nicely.
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    Data "Chimera Laboratory" - Lucas moveset discussion

    Ofc SH Uair is safer when the opponent is on a platform over you, but nair can set up better combos. I recently noticed that a FH Nair autocancels on platforms (battlefield hight). Problems like a good timed grab can still interrupt the nair percists, but it makes shield useful if you get the...
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    Data This Theatre Stinks - The Lucas Video Thread this is why i like battlefield.
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    Patch 1.1.6 incoming!

    Balance patch for just one character... Im actually dissapointed. I wasnt even that mad bout bayo
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    Patch 1.1.6 incoming!

    my only expectation is when the patch notes are gathered; I'll be looking at someone in the cast thinking "WTF Nintendo...?"
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    Your favorite combo

    If i recall correctly you can get a dthrow doublejump nair to regrab at around 40%? notsuretbh... would be slick tho!
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