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Recent content by Kappy

  1. Kappy

    Applications of Kirby's New Forward Throw

    Just to let you guys know, anyone with a fast aerial (like Yoshi, Luigi, etc...) or has a fast Up/Invincible Up B on startup completely negate this at 0%. LOL. However, for the Up B ones you can at least force a 50/50 guess or try and bait them.
  2. Kappy

    Bruuuuh I can't send you PM's. LOL.

    Bruuuuh I can't send you PM's. LOL.
  3. Kappy

    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs

    This probably isn't practical against good players, but if you ever wanna troll on FG... Fthrow -> Dair can cycle through itself a couple times and is extremely hilarious to pull off. LOL. Also while it's probably not guaranteed I've already pulled off Fthrow -> FF Uair -> Reverse Utilt ->...
  4. Kappy

    Kirby Skype Group

    Voting yes. Just make it a more social Skype chat LOL. So you can like talk about tournament experience, life, other random sstuff, etc...
  5. Kappy

    Social Kirby & The Amazing Cats

    Oh that's too bad. :( I like it more for the social aspect since that's what the Kirby Skype chat was primarily used for in the Brawl days, but I can see where the collective mindset comes from. LOL.
  6. Kappy

    Social Kirby & The Amazing Cats

    Eyyyyy Triple R I haven't talked to you in, like, foreeeeeever bruh. LOL. After being peer pressured by some choice members of IL I've finally decided to play Kirby in this game. Yo there a Skype chat for all the Kirb players anyone?
  7. Kappy

    Social Kirby & The Amazing Cats

    Yo where my boyz Triple R and MikeKirby @? I'm back kids :kirby: (Also hi to everyone else! LOL)
  8. Kappy

    My personal findings on 3.5 MK's move set

    You can't wave land out of DThrow's hitstun. LOL. At the end of the day, the throws MK has come down to personal preference. I like to use Dthrow at low and mid %'s, Fthrow and Bthrow high %'s, and Uthrow when I feel like I can get a gimp off of IDC and they're at the right % for it. That's not...
  9. Kappy

    My personal findings on 3.5 MK's move set

    Because most characters don't tumble at 0% off of DThrow and they're not in the air for a long time so a lot of players freeze and you can get a free regrab because they're still trying to register stuff in their head and don't react quickly. And on big characters you basically get a free Ftilt...
  10. Kappy

    My personal findings on 3.5 MK's move set

    I use tap jump. LOL. I flick the Joystick up and do a rising Uair ASAP and then do a falling one.
  11. Kappy

    My personal findings on 3.5 MK's move set

    Thanks! I think I've got really good IDC setups - it's one of my style points as a player besides my obsessive use of double aerials that I frequently miss the execution for. LOL. DThrow isn't negative at 0%. I'm pretty sure you can shield before Fox can USmash you, but even if I'm wrong, it's...
  12. Kappy

    My personal findings on 3.5 MK's move set

    Yoooo I'm on streams for WDW in Chicago, IL :( I have a whole playlist of my stuff. LOL. I'll edit in thoughts on this later that sentence just caught my eye at first.
  13. Kappy

    Gliding over tall buildings in a single shuttle loop: The Meta Knight Social

    Bruh. LOL. The only other SH Uair->Aerial that's good is Nair, and that's because if you use it close to the ground it's extremely hard to punish OoS. It has good shield pressure, too. Obviously, it's not the best option but I think it's one of his best. In 3.02 I'd argue that grab and Ftilt...
  14. Kappy

    Discussion on M.K. idcs edge guarding uses.

    IDC is useful against tethers. If you force them to jump you have enough time to IDC because of how much lag they have - it's ridiculous. Unfortunately, I suck at it so I haven't been able to put it into practice yet, although there's a vid of me failing it consistently against Oro?!. LOL. Also...
  15. Kappy

    I.D.C.S Tech overview and uses

    I'm glad you found this, but MK players have been using this (myself included) for a very long time - definitely since 3.02, maybe even since 2.6. It's commonly called the Instant Dimensional Cape, or IDC for short. LOL.
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