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Recent content by Kappie

  1. K

    B[at]GO, Brawl tourney Almere

    Ik schrijf me aan het begin van pagina 2 als 10e ofzo in, wordt ik straathard genegeerd en nu sta ik aan het begin van de reservelijst?? :S kk gekke ****... maar ik kan toch niet, eerst band repeteren en dan uit gaan, dat ga ik niet missen dus haal me er sowieso maar af.
  2. K

    The Dutch thread!

    2 spelers die campen dat is geen stallen nee... kan je kort of lang over lullen. En counterpicks, ik zou niet weten waarom jullie zo fel moeten reageren, want bijvoorbeeld in Amerika hebben ze counterpicks die wat meer voordeel geven, luigi's mansion, rainbow cruise, port town aero drive...
  3. K

    B[at]GO, Brawl tourney Almere

    Zet mij maar erbij, confirm nog niet.
  4. K

    Do I Live Too Deep In My Comfort Zone?

    You described yourself playing games and such in the weekends, or doing just nothing, and happy with it. But sure you must have fallen in love with someone, that feeling alone will make you wanna go out and have fun with that person right? Maybe you should straight out ask that girl to go eat at...
  5. K

    Confessions of a Lucario Main

    Things go easier with MK sometimes than they go with Lucario. Sometimes I have the feeling that Lucario has to work twice as hard as other chars like MK, Snake, Marth. Mainly because when you're at low percent, you can hit them 10x, and they're at 35% or so, then they hit you 2 times and you're...
  6. K

    Lucario vs. Metaknight (1) EXPORT

    very good work timbers, although maybe clean it up a bit? It looks kinda messy now, with the quotes, nothing in bold, and a lot of spelling mistakes. Maybe you can just leave out the quotes, and summarize what those people said, instead of copying it. Very informative otherwise.
  7. K

    My Lucario vids! (rate)

    good tip ;) non-gameplay anyway
  8. K

    My Lucario vids! (rate)

    Lucario vs Dedede http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n65tELDf7js&feature=channel_page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcXgZYq6IQo&feature=channel_page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7Rz0bcK_hU&feature=channel_page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGJ4l9GMNyE&feature=channel_page...
  9. K

    SINGLES Lucario Match-Ups and Directory! Mario will brb saving a princess

    Here by I ask everyone that doesn't have sufficent matchup/tournament experience to NOT post in this thread. It doesn't help us. Even I, while I went to several tournaments and placed very good in them, don't consider myself good enough to post here for all but some matchups. So please, don't...
  10. K

    Holland Hilversum Smashfest!

    ben geinteresseerd, neem misschien wii mee.
  11. K

    SINGLES Lucario Match-Ups and Directory! Mario will brb saving a princess

    good stuff picking it back up timbers. There's a lot info on the other thread regarding mk, since it never got updated, pretty much everything is there already. Some exports need to be finished as well, including important ones like Olimar. I can maybe help you collect info out of the thread...
  12. K

    Lucario videos?

    Like Kitamerby said, stop rolling into your opponent. There's no need for you to approach DK. Just wait (or try to predict) what he going to do. Also don't spotdodge too predictably, you can get punished really bad for it. Otherwise very good Lucario, time and experience will make you...
  13. K

    The Dutch thread!

    Ik wil zeker komen voor Brawl, lekker dichtbij.
  14. K

    Has Lucario won a major tournament?

    I guess Azen won a few real big ones.
  15. K

    Has anyone 3 stocked someone with Lucario?

    Actually Lucario is one of the easiest characters to 3 stock with... % influences knockback and damage way more than stock defecit, so if you can get up to 140% and stay there for a while, 3 stocking should relatively be easy (compared to other chars).
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