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    Goast House May 9 Results

    im proud to be a meme also good **** bidwell
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    [May 2, 2015] CWRU Fight Club Weekly (Case Western Reserve University Wade Commons)

    when does your semester end? i'm at OU till the beginning of may
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    Fight Pitt V Results & Shoutouts: Melee Singles, Melee Doubles, and 3DS Singles

    dude that hot dog place was wild good holy ****
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    The Big House 4 feedback thread

    when announcements needed to be made, "shut the **** up" isn't exactly the best way to tell 600 people to comply bring a megaphone next time also the venue was pretty small in comparison to the amount of attendees, shape of melee 5 was way bigger and it only had 100 people there other than...
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    The Big House 4 Results [Oct 4-5, 2014 - Romulus, MI]

    shoutouts to NEOH/PGH and the midwest in general, showed we're no joke, OU smash for being the ultimate squad and freze for 3 stocking jolteon in PM and being a ****in beast, tafokints for giving me some advice, axe for being the coolest dude on the planet, shoutout to juggleguy the TO god...
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    WARP Wednesday Weekly Results Cleveland, OH [updated weekly]

    that was like the best i've played all year, gg's everyone!!
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    [Jul 26, 2014] A.S.S.H.A.T (Ashtabula, OH)

    the god tourney is back!!
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    SWEET XVI Results [East Lansing, MI] feat. Vaccine, Duck, Shady, KJH!

    that should been obvious, thanks haha
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    Melee Official PGH Melee Power Rankings (Fall)

    can't find any fault in this list, nice job guys
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    Goast House March. Results and Shoutouts.

    best goast house ever, holy ****!! to everyone who came, hope to see y'all at shape 4! shoutouts: goast: as always, the nicest dude in NEOH/PGH, and he brings cookies?? what a guy s1 the goat: thanks for givin me a ride man, and for puttin on da bangers. and tell justin he's a coolass dude for...
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    Midwest [May 9, 2015] Goast House Monthlies series (Independence, Ohio)

    y'all will def have a good time at this, everyone is a total homie
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