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Recent content by K~G|Spacejam

  1. K~G|Spacejam

    Social The Adorable Assistant of ACNL: Isabelle Discussion Thread

    I don't know if this has been asked yet but is there another discord for Isabelle? Last one seems to have gone trash.
  2. K~G|Spacejam

    King K. Rool early moveset discussion

    Alright boys heres the damage of moves shown from new vid (for 1v1s) Bair - 20% Fair - 14.7% - 9.1% (Sour spot?) Nair - 12.6% - 8.4% (?) Bthrow(?) - 11.5% Uthrow - 16.8% Crown toss return - 6.3% Cannon 45degrees - 17.9% nair and fair either had sour spots or were partly staled
  3. K~G|Spacejam

    Smash Wii U BAM9 International Smash 4 Player Donation Drive

    Players 1 - Zero 2 - Larry 3- Nairo 4- Void 5- Mr. R 6 - Anti 7 - Salem 8 - FOW 9 - Komorikiri 10 - Ranai 11 - Leo Commentators 1 - Coney 2 - DC 3 - EE 4 - TKbreezy 5 - D1 6 - Gunblade Getting Leo or Japanese players is a poor choice due to language barriers.
  4. K~G|Spacejam

    Hey man, I would just like to say you're a big inspiration to me and I think you should keep on...

    Hey man, I would just like to say you're a big inspiration to me and I think you should keep on truckin'.
  5. K~G|Spacejam

    How To Play Bowser On Battlefield?

    Short hop down b reaches the lower platforms from the ground. If you can condition them to shield its free super early kills.
  6. K~G|Spacejam

    New Approach Option? (Also

    I uh... what? Short hop fair isn't really safe on shield, let alone doing 2 of them. Also what are we meant to rate for your video? You didn't really do anything except what appeared to be mash buttons. I would recommend you look into not rolling so much and going for some grabs.
  7. K~G|Spacejam

    New bowser combos

    I'll have to lab it but I feel like these should still be true and that rage won't make too much of a difference.
  8. K~G|Spacejam

    New bowser combos

    gimme a week fam
  9. K~G|Spacejam

    Data Complete Frame Data Repository - kuroganehammer.com

    even though it's literally a 2 minute fix.
  10. K~G|Spacejam

    Data Complete Frame Data Repository - kuroganehammer.com

    oh my @KuroganeHammer you can't just expect me to fix something like that. Anyways I'm probably not going to fix it for a few weeks due to uni, and by then i'm probably just going to make a web version instead.
  11. K~G|Spacejam

    Official 1.1.6 Patch Notes/Patch Discussion

    plz i confirmed it and not kurogane.
  12. K~G|Spacejam

    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    The only reason why its not a web version yet is because I have no free time. I don't see the point in shield advantage in training mode, theres no reason to find that out.
  13. K~G|Spacejam

    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    Pretty sure its based off of VS mode.
  14. K~G|Spacejam

    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    hello i am programmer you might have the original version in which this was as an issue. I just ran the version I have and it is showing 9 when I input 13%. So most likely you're running 1.0.0 and not 1.0.1 or whatever it is now. Oops. As for staleness fresh should be 1.05. To calculate how...
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