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Recent content by Junpappy

  1. Junpappy

    OFFICIAL AZ Power Rankings & Social Thread (Updated: 11/27/13)

    Yeah if you guys can get for sure housing and 3 people I'll drive (assuming I get work off which I should be able to)
  2. Junpappy

    THC 5: TAJ Has Cash

    Guess I'm not coming to this /workjohns :phone:
  3. Junpappy

    THC 5: TAJ Has Cash

    I'll come for friendlies and maybe singles depending on when it starts :phone:
  4. Junpappy

    SWF League of Legends Thread, Registration End January 20,2012 , 64 Man Sign-Up

    User Name: Crea / pho20 Primary Role: Ranged AD Captain: No Elo: 1530
  5. Junpappy

    Kpop Discussion~♡

    I wish I lived in San Francisco....almost.
  6. Junpappy

    Kpop Discussion~♡

    More pics pls (but not of suzy or gain...maybe gain if you really need to) :phone:
  7. Junpappy

    NYTE SW Regional REGISTER!! Axe B-Day, M2K, STAB, Twins!- IMPULSE Circuit

    fuuuck why is this on the same weekend as Sakura Con??!?
  8. Junpappy

    Tucson Hates Coty (THC) -- Gilbert, AZ

    LOL "Falco dance around on level like ****** ballerina" #1 commentary Thanks to Taj and Tai for hosting. Hopefully THC will become a monthly thing because I really wanna play more smash and Tucson is kinda far. Love - OMG our set was so close asdkljfdjklfa. You ***** me with those...
  9. Junpappy

    THC 5: TAJ Has Cash

    I'm confused -_- Is this gonna happen sometime this month or is it actually TBD??
  10. Junpappy

    Kpop Discussion~♡

    WTFFFF!? I've been deceived. That video contains no Eunjung :(
  11. Junpappy

    Kpop Discussion~♡

    Just do what everyone else does and listen to Epik High / Girls' Generation (except Miharu hates Girls' Generation)
  12. Junpappy

    THC 5: TAJ Has Cash

    Yo when is this gonna be? I might be able to make it.
  13. Junpappy

    Kpop Discussion~♡

    Why do you think league of legends is ****** version of dota? Is it the pre-game stats/ability customization, champion design or something else? :phone:
  14. Junpappy

    Kpop Discussion~♡

    ^pretty sure you'd be enjoying it if the pic spamming was of Eunjung :phone:
  15. Junpappy

    Grand Old Thread: League of Legends!

    Lmao sounds like Dekar did a name search on pvp.net :phone:
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