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    is K Rool broken?

    My guess would be recover low and go the ledge. If he continues to hold it you can probably ledge roll. This is assuming your recovery options are limited and you're far out. If you are just offstage with all your jumps still, just jump over it and dair or bair him, it's really committed.
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    Frame Data & Hitbox Data (Update 12/12018)

    Do you know around how long it takes for K. Rool to be able to act again out of the crown and blunderbuss? Also I'd be curious how long it takes before he's able to fire the blunderbuss with the cannonball again, as in how long until the cannonball despawns and can be launched from the...
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    is K Rool broken?

    So from the K. Rools I've played. He seems pretty good. The general idea that you pressure him with aerials seems correct but good K. Rools that mix up the timing on his crown and cannonball are still hard to get in on and stay in on. Any mistake while pressuring him usually results in getting...
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    Sonic: Better with Custom Moves or not?

    It is clearly better than default, though I will admit there are still uses for default. The issue with Battlefield is irrelevant because it is Sonic's worst stage already and with stage striking should always be your first ban, Lylat should be your second, but most people hate it anyway so you...
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    Sonic Techniques - Why Hammer Spin Dash is Amazing

    Went ahead and did this. Didn't think very many people were using this so I figured it would be new to most people. Mostly I want to push this idea of the 'Sonic Tower' and how incredibly powerful it is and how most, if not all, Sonic mains should be using it.
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    Sonic Techniques - Why Hammer Spin Dash is Amazing

    I have spent a long time exploring Hammer Spin Dash. With customs legal at evo I thought my fellow Sonic mains would appreciate a little knowledge transfer. Enjoy the video.
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    Sonic: Better with Custom Moves or not?

    You people are all crazy, hammer spin dash is incredible. It actually does more damage in a lot of situations than normal side b. In anti air situations or when used deep on your opponent it can't hit anywhere between two to three times and combos into all aerials like normal spin dash. With...
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    Amazing Ampharos' & Xiivi's General Brawl Ruleset & Reasoning

    It really is neutral AA and I have played on it a lot, and we are pretty unbiased in these matters, both of us have given up stages we really liked for the sake of fairness. AA banned Flat Zone 2 which he loved and Pirate Ship. I was the one that came to the conclusion that green hill ought to...
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    Amazing Ampharos' & Xiivi's General Brawl Ruleset & Reasoning

    Certain types of stalling are banned yes, but not all types. For instance, abusing loops is not banned. Instead stages with loops are banned. And the logic that stages without hazards are neutral is so skewed. Should temple be neutral it doesn't have hazards and you could just ban the loop...
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    Amazing Ampharos' & Xiivi's General Brawl Ruleset & Reasoning

    How do linear projectiles make it to said water, the pirate ship sticks far enough out of the water that any linear projectiles will never get near someone who is short hoping in the water. Also how many characters have non linear projectiles(Pit, game and watch(he'll be in the water anyway)...
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    ***I am housing for FAST (FL's Amazing Smash Tournament)***

    ...umm can you elaborate on the details. PLZ
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    Want some general critiques on my ike play

    Ike vs Snake Ike vs Snake
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    Ike video matches

    Use eruption for edge guarding. It even possible to nail someone with it b4 they sweet spot and even spike them if they come up right under it. Also if the jump up from the ledge eruption has enough range charged to hit someone jumping over you.
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    General Ike Discussion, Q&A, and Video Archive

    fair is something that has to be used with confidence and can't be spammed. It has a lot of landing lag. I found it works awesome as a combo finisher. Basicaly combo them until they start to reel back into the out of control spinning animation then before they recover jump up and do fair for a...
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