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Recent content by Jtails

  1. Jtails

    Corrin Guide Video

    Hey guys, I've recently put out a beginner Corrin guide video. This is more so for new players who don't have much experience with the characters, and are interested in learning the basics with Corrin. For those experienced Corrin players, always interested in constructive criticism on my videos!
  2. Jtails

    Haven't Been Able to Figure Out a Basic Strategy for Corrin

    Hey there, I actually just made a guide video for Corrin with an accompanying for glory video. You're probably well past this, but still offering some insight. It's on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/c/jtails
  3. Jtails

    Diddy Kong Kill Confirms and %s

    Wow awesome work! is this with no rage? Also why do some of the S and K %s vary so much? If Corrin Starts at 100% and you dtilt up smash, she will not be at 133% unless I'm reading it wrong. S is the % that d tilt up smash starts connecting? K is the %s opponent must be at before you dtilt...
  4. Jtails

    Diddy Kong Kill Confirms and %s

    I actually didn't know that, thanks I appreciate the help! I need to realize that I can't do everything on my own anymore, and it'll be neccesary to grow with others if I want to get anywhere near what I once was. is there anyway we can have a sticky or sort of compendium for those? listing...
  5. Jtails

    Top Diddy Discussion: The top player tier list!

    fair enough, I'd like to say that I haven't "disappeared" only that I'm in graduate school and working full time now. After placing 9th at Apex 2015, 33rd at EVO and 45th at Genesis 3. I have been declining in placings, but moreso that my seeding has become utter trash. Void was my round 2...
  6. Jtails

    Diddy Kong Kill Confirms and %s

    Hey all, some of you might know me for my notable victories with Diddy early on in the lifespan of the game. I've recently been realizing that my weakness as a player at this point is actually confirming the kill. I'm playing neutral well, have the % lead the entire set, then I die to Lucario...
  7. Jtails

    Banana Applications?

    I loveeee how people keep sleeping on me, despite recent results.
  8. Jtails

    Official The Picto Box - Toon Link Video & Critique Thread

    I think you had really great grab reads, which is tough for Toon Link to commit to effectively. I think you could work on punishing landings a bit better with bomb tosses and comboing into KO moves like fair. Though I'm sure a lot of the other Toon Link mains on here could tell you better.
  9. Jtails

    Diddy Nerf 1.06 Analysis/Discussion (Why hasn't this thread been made yet?)

    Sonic, Rosalina, Fox, I don't even think Mii figher is better than Diddy. and yeah Metaknight is horrible, you can ask most top players. Granted, I was going off of patch notes, After watching Zero play at sandstorm I think Diddy is still top 5, but not top 3. I haven't gotten my hands on the...
  10. Jtails

    I don't think Diddy is #1 anymore because of the patch

    I don't think Diddy is #1 anymore because of the patch
  11. Jtails

    probably upcoming! :) This summer I'll finish up the cast!

    probably upcoming! :) This summer I'll finish up the cast!
  12. Jtails

    lol who said I main wii fit at all? I'm still a diddy main..

    lol who said I main wii fit at all? I'm still a diddy main..
  13. Jtails

    Vs Recorder - Mewtwo Video & Critique Thread

    hmmm fixed? https://youtu.be/V7P9verZWdA
  14. Jtails

    Vs Recorder - Mewtwo Video & Critique Thread

    Hey guys! I make these kinds of guides for every character in the game, got my hands on Mewtwo and of course it's still very early to tell anything, but these are my general impressions on what good and poor traits he has. Any constructive criticism is always welcomed and appreciated...
  15. Jtails


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