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Recent content by Jrugs

  1. Jrugs

    Social The Rosalina General/Social Thread: 2nd Edition

    I was having a bad day, but all this talk of cloud getting rekt by up airs and MaJoR MuCuS's rosa pics really cheered me up! Thanks again guys.
  2. Jrugs

    Social Sonic Says: Ultimate

    well thats great to hear, considering sonic has the "best neutral in smash 4" XD lol. OMFG ZeRo I cant breathe.
  3. Jrugs

    Social Sonic Says: Ultimate

    I don't come here often, but my favorite part is every top player talks about his incredible neutral game without EVER saying what makes his neutral incredible. Like straight up no frame data or nothing to back up the claim. Then the cherry on top is people(sadly top players too) saying Wrath...
  4. Jrugs

    Data Akuma is Watching! - The Ryu Video Thread and Critique Thread

    Hey guys hopefully this thread isn't dead, because I really need help. For a while I have been in the smash scene and place well a good amount of times but not so consistent. Ever since brawl my play-style has always been called campy even though I haven't been trying to "ACTIVELY" camp people...
  5. Jrugs

    Guide Zelda Social: But also the FE Heroes Internet Cafe

    Hey guys I dont come here much, but I have something I really want to talk about. This whole down throw up air nonsense. Its come to my attention that ppl didnt even do their homework on zeldas buffs. And its really annoying hearing every time im at a smashfest or a tourney things like "yeah...
  6. Jrugs

    Q&A New to Sheik? Look here to learn how to get started/Need help with Sheik? Ask your questions here.

    BC Im soooo proud of you!! welcome back to being a top player : D
  7. Jrugs

    Social Mother of the Cosmos: Rosalina [General/Social] Thread (Closed)

    Hey guys, I just wanted to come here and express my LOVE for this character. If Rosalina needed a kidney I would not hesitate to give her one. Thank you Dabuz and all the other Rosalina mains out there for developing a character dedicated to shutting down scrubby options!
  8. Jrugs

    Omni Releases Controversial Video On Smash 4

    or....we could not kill the games that we already had. That way sakurai doesn't try fixing smash games his way, with scrubby game mechanics like rage mode.
  9. Jrugs

    Southwest [Mar 28, 2015]Aftershock! Axe, Zero, Dabuz, Junebug (Arlington, TX)

    not that it matters but 2 stock is pretty much the standard in MD/VA. Also nintendo built this game from the ground up to not be what you want it to be :P
  10. Jrugs

    Social Mother of the Cosmos: Rosalina [General/Social] Thread (Closed)

    hey all rosalina mains, I know yall are busy but If you guys could help me identify this one rosalina player who had the tag "who?" Its sucks there is no online chat on ds but I just wanted to say ggs man, I was the zelda/duckhunt player. .....also it would be cool to play any other rosalina...
  11. Jrugs

    Anyone else getting frustrated with the time limit?

    I personally think for glory didn't consider people just not approaching (i.e. shiek just charging needles all day, or god mode rolling), and abusing the time mechanic to where your percentage and work doesn't matter. However when I go to time I personally just wait till the bombs come. DH has...
  12. Jrugs

    Worst Thing about Duck Hunt Dog?

    Everything is perfect, except his recovery
  13. Jrugs

    mos def

    mos def
  14. Jrugs

    Yo saw your deviant art, if you love smash and art come to MD. http://www.mica.edu/...

    Yo saw your deviant art, if you love smash and art come to MD. http://www.mica.edu/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/mdvasmash/
  15. Jrugs

    Smash Wii U Houston Thread: TGC Returns! 1k Pot Bonus! Jan 12, 2019!

    or even shorter Mercury (Hg) Houston Gaming
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