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  • Changing PM mains to Diddy. That character is too fun, and the salt that comes from melee players not knowing how to deal with him is real
    I think Sheik has more potential than any other melee character to have a totally flow charted edge guard approach. I want to take her there
    Almost started maining Pit in PM. Almost. Sheik always manages to bring me back.
    I would love nothing more than to see a PM character with a smash 4 Sheik concept.
    One thing that I especially like about PM Sheik is the throw changes. The mixup makes it a lot more fun than just a straightforward option
    Though I like PM more, I think for now I'll focus on Melee. I think it'll help me develop stronger fundamentals and help me focus on Sheik.
    Did a Melee weekly, and though I still think I like PM more, gaining new appreciation for Melee. My Sheik is getting a lot stronger.
    Explored PM characters, ended up really liking Squirtle. Sticking with Sheik for now though since Squirtle might get changed with more 3.6
    Started off, did my first tournament at Revelations 2. Didn't make it out of pools in either event, but had a great time.
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