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Recent content by JOS.fm

  1. JOS.fm

    Regular Tournament Results and Shoutouts

    I played Fox and marth primarily. I only used falco against you, chris. I figured you'd get a kick out of it. :186:
  2. JOS.fm

    Melee Central Texas Melee Power Rankings: October - December 2016

    I wonder why you have such a big boner for Texas You came and didn't participate at Forte And my main is Falco Idk why mark and and fogs are up there lolz maybe do all 3
  3. JOS.fm

    Post-Apocalyptic Texas Showdown 4 Results & Shoutouts [3/15/14 Houston, TX]

    1: GameGuys Mojo - congratz on the win. we should drink and joke around whenever you come to austin, yo. also, u was so scared, ma *****. curly won't go so easy on you next time, boi 2: Tirno - EDGAR YOU ARE GODLIKE WAY TO STICK IT UP TO THE MAN 3: AG | Arc - WAY TO BE A MAN AND GET IT STUCK...
  4. JOS.fm

    Mexican Ping Pong Dynasty

    Mexican Ping Pong Dynasty
  5. JOS.fm

    DIME 8 Results 2/22

    Lolololol Gabe for: Best TO Best troll Best fan Best romantic interest in another dimension Keep up the gewd lordes twerk
  6. JOS.fm

    [Feb 22, 2014] DIME 8 Ft. Silent Wolf (Plano, TX)

    SW you should be studying And when you're done Go clean your room You too MT_
  7. JOS.fm

    DIME 7 Results 1/11

    Shoutouts to penguin for tapping dat ass
  8. JOS.fm

    Post-Apocalyptic Texas Showdown 3 Results [11/30/13 Houston, TX]

    Congrats to MT_ for being the only good player here. Maybe there is something in what Edgar says about TIO being bad. Mojo I am delighted. Austin ggs dude. Edgar wtf dude srsly MT sucks and you should've beat him. OMG IVAN IS THE GREATEST BANZAI. JF did edgar apologize to you for losing to...
  9. JOS.fm

    What Would Get You Guys Interested in Project M?

    Im gonna answer the question as stated in the thread title Metroid n00dz and MF Doom on every stage bgm
  10. JOS.fm

    DIME 6 - December 7th, 2013 - Plano, TX

    Wow way to run this on my graduation date douchewad >:| And to respond to alpacas post constructively 1. Uh no. Have you seen puff players? (Dont answer this because i already know the answer). If that were true, puff would only throw up cuz its guaranteed. But it ain't, so they don't. It...
  11. JOS.fm

    DIME 5 Results 11/9

    please put pikachu and roy after my name. maybe not roy, i only used him for one of my matches. but i used pikachu a lot! 1: ARC :marthmelee: - dude, it was a blast, wasn't it? always looking forward to traveling and stuff with ya. 2: NatPort Hole :falcomelee::pikachumelee::foxmelee::roymelee...
  12. JOS.fm

    Winter is Coming II: Melee and PM Monthly - October 5th, 2013 - San Antonio, TX

    hopefully i can make this! unfortunately, idk how to plan my life ahead of time so we'll see! SA unite
  13. JOS.fm

    San Antonio Monthlies: Winter is Coming I Results

    first and foremost, we should be grateful that zhea stepped it up and got a venue, brought material, and invested a bunch of his capital to make this happen. he's singlehandedly revived the san antonio melee scene, and is in the process of getting together a group of talented, driven individuals...
  14. JOS.fm

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    omg crimson you're so bad
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