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    New to Melee from Ultimate (have mercy) need to ask some questions.

    I have melee emulated on my PC using dolphin. First off I wanted to ask about monitors. I have seen it said that to play melee properly you either need a CRT or you need to be playing on a proper monitor. The monitor I have is a...
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    Advice How do you beat moves with low end lag and good range

    If a move has good range and low end lag how do you beat it. This is the question, when people respond and give advice or need me to be more specific I will try my best to help. Also #fixultimateonline
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    Rant / Other Smash as a spectator sport

    Love watching smash, but I hate playing it cos I get dumb angry when I lose and I don't even feel good when I win, just relieved. It is clear the game is just not for me but I watch a lot of smash streams and **** so I feel like I often want to play. Basically my question is kind of dumb but...
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    Rant / Other Possible to enjoy online?

    Maybe I would enjoy offline play, but it is impossible for me to get regular offline play where I live unfortunately and I can't do offline. I think Ultimate is really cool but I think the online just kills it for me. Everyone knows the problem with quickplay and while I would like arena some...
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    I have seen enough clips of zss dunking people into the bottom blast zone with flipkick at 50% it looks dope i wanna do it myself. Alas I am very bad at zss, likely my worst character in the entire game. Simply put, I CANNOT control her movement precisely. The combination of her jump heigh and...
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    Advice I am bad for a multiple reasons, see if you can help me on one or two of them.

    Firstly I am abysmal at ledge trapping despite Wolf and Chrom being two of the characters I play the most I basically can never keep anyone at ledge at all. People say jump, standard getup, roll and getup attack you can all react too, but I don't really think I can react to it. Also I don't...
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    Hitting weak hit mair as fox help.

    I can hit nair to upsmash when I get the weak hit of nair, and I know how to get the weak hit of nair, but what I struggle at a lot, is actually finding a weak hit nair in neutral. When I watch top foxes they seem to just full hop over arials and comedown fast falling, but I normally end up...
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    Advice Should I stop playing Ultimate?

    I love playing smash offline. But playing online makes me angry and tilted. My locals are very small and have nearly zero setups, as a result I basically have to spend 4 hours travelling, to maybe play for the best part of an hour, if I'm lucky. None of my friends play, so it seems like it is...
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    How do you punish zss down b?

    Normally if you know a move is coming you can punish it, but I don't really get how to punish this one. I try to predict it and hit them at the top of the arc, but this works a fraction of the time, and often I get buried for trying. If I just dodge it there is seemingly no lag. What is a good...
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    Advice I have no local smash scene

    I wanna get better and play competitively but everyone knows how bad online is and I CANNOT find a local smash scene. I live in Shropshire in the UK, any other players in the UK know where the juice is? I would love to play socially offline.
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    Advice Unsure on a character main :)

    The characters I have gravitated the most to have been Toon Link and Lucina. I am unsure which to main out of the two as I enjoy both for different reasons. I like that Lucina can edgeguard so well as I enjoy doing it, and that she does not have many (if any) match-ups where you feel like you...
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    I get grabbed way too much, send help.

    I don't mean shield grabs, when I get shield grabbed I completely understand what I did wrong. I just mean people grab me in neutral all the time. I know I must be doing something wrong because grabs kind of suck in this game. Even if I 100% knew my opponent was looking for a grab I would have...
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    Why don't I find ultimate fun?

    I liked all the other smash games I have played, but I find this one very irritating. A lot of stuff annoys me and I don't have fun playing with any of the characters. It feels so bad but I don't know why, and everyone else seems to like it. What am I missing.
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    I am the most dog**** smash ultimate player ever send help

    I will try and get some gameplay for you to see where I am going wrong and what I don't understand.
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    I am the most dog**** smash ultimate player ever send help

    I play and I just suck, very easy to see the people I play against do as well, however I suck even more. To give you an idea of how bad it is, if I was playing against someone who sat in the middle of the stage and only did attacks without moving, I would probably lose if i was not playing a...
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