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  • Yea but you're awesome. You should get more involved though... We need your technical debating skills! :D
    the ladder makes for good reading practice plus it teaches you to adapt to lag, its aggrevating to play in but i can show you how to use the AiB ladder and u can play lots of ppl there, tho its gonna be laggy so bare with it
    ok good stuff. guys a tool ill leave it at that.

    also, u get your wii sent in?

    also im streaming dead space 2 tomrrow if ur really bored
    yea that was struth. dont tell her about the post and whatnot, im just really fed up with how things are because she cant go a day without me and breaks down when she dosent have me every second and all i want is some frigin space

    also dont talk to xiivi in the future, he isnt the kind of person you want to associate with
    Also casey, you should introduce yourself to the diddy/lucas boards by going to their social threads and jsut saying who u main and alt and where you are from and such. getting to know players of your character is a good way to get advice that I dont know and to improve as a player in general
    hello! saw you added me as a friend, just wanted to say hello and stop by to see how you are enjoying the forums
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