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    WoL WoL story is a vastly watered down rip-off

    Remove the explicit Kirby reference and you just described a very standard and generic action-fantasy movie formula. Like right off the top of my head I can see Infinity War and Endgame in that description, and I didn't even watch those movies. Can you really say it ripped off Subspace Emissary...
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    WoL Dumbest Spirit Battles

    Shameless plug of my own videos: I've got some other Spirit exploits posted to my channel.
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    Why is Bowser such a low risk high reward character ?

    Given the age of this comment I don't know if this has changed in patches or not, but currently Bowser's feet get invincibility during Fsmash, not intangibility. I traded once against Banjo's Wonder Wing and took no damage because it hit the invincible feet. If the feet were just intangible WW...
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    Thanks for the help! My question was answered.

    This is impossible. Don't feel obligated to use all your moves. Some of them only have situational use, and some are just total ****. On the other hand, it's good to not forget you have certain moves either. What's important is knowing what moves are good to use in what situation. That's...
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    Coming from Brawl... and I have questions!

    1) No, but it's probably still better than Brawl. K. Rool's recovery is slow and predictable, and the hitbox only covers the top of him. Hit him from the side. If he overshoots the ledge, free Rest! 2) Use it smarter. Touch the ground more. Puff's also super floaty and has one of the highest (I...
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    Weight in Ultimate

    Only in absolute units. If you look at the knockback formula, weight is in the denominator and has 100 added to it. So the comparison is not that simple. If you calculate their "knockback susceptance" and check the percentage changes the actual biggest difference is between Jigglypuff and...
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    Need help....CPU doesn't give chance to attack?

    Some you can spot dodge. It's really fun to spot dodge Marthcina's FS as they lunge to their doom. Just don't do anything stupid (ie stop mindlessly attacking), stay half a stage away from them, and just wait for it. There's a lot you can spot dodge on reaction, especially since there's a...
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    Pro Controller Setups for Greninja?

    This is my standard for all characters, not just Greninja. Tilt stick, high sensitivity, tap jump off. ZL = Shield ZR = grab L+R = Jump Everything else default. Having jump on a trigger really helps with instant Bairs and Peach floats. As I practice more B-reversing and wavebouncing I might...
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    Need help....CPU doesn't give chance to attack?

    Lucky for you, I grind a LOT on the Spirit Board and love finding exploits for the AI. And I just so happen to have an Omega Ridley video that I posted to Youtube. He's one of the more brain-dead stupid ones once you find the hole in his AI. I know this looks stupid, but trust me, it works well...
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    WoL Dumbest Spirit Battles

    That isn't even close to the hardest Spirit Battle with a Lava Floor, and definitely not the hardest with a floor hazard. I lose to Great Zapfish more than I lose to Eliwood. Dry Bowser and Baby Bowser will **** you right up. One's all lava with occasional curry flames, the other's an Omega...
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    How come I lose after one fall sometimes

    Except that's exactly what you did. OP says (in a very roundabout way) that they have poor recovery skills, and you suggest using ROB because his recovery is better than Mario's. That is a crutch; using the excellent properties of certain character to cover for poor skills. Actually it's the...
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    How come I lose after one fall sometimes

    There are lots of good reasons to play ROB. Using him as a crutch for bad recovery skills is not one of them. Switching to a character with a unique type of S-tier recovery won't teach you the fundamentals of the game. Here are the 5 basic principles for recovering 1) Know ALL of your options...
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    How come I lose after one fall sometimes

    Do you even want help? We can't give you advice unless we know what's happening. Be specific. Detail exactly what is happening to you. What characters are in the battle? What stage? How are you getting offstage, and why were you not able to get back?
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    How come I lose after one fall sometimes

    You're going to need to give more details then. Are you SDing? Getting edge-guarded? Spiked?
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    Training Hard DK

    It's the spirits. Feed it primary spirits to increase its attack and defense power. You can also feed it secondary spirits to give it effects. If you want a stupidly good DK, I'd start experimenting with Physical Attack+ and Trade-Off Ability. Not sure what the best to put in the 3rd slot would...
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