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    Q&A How Do I Penguin? King Dedede Q&A Thread

    basic defense strats would probably be best to learn first since dedede lives off defense
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    Meta Jigglypuff Competitive and Metagame Discussion

    truly the most amazing tech
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    Luigi Discussion

    luigi will rise someday
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    How to crash the game

    pretty interesting
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    Do you want another patch update?

    i know its been oversaid i know it probably will never happen i know i seem whiny but i just want jigglypuff buffs
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    Yoshi Discussion

    at least you have tournies near you southwest virginia is just tresh
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    (useless tech) tiny hitbox on the back of link's spin attack

    just found this little thing in training mode. its ultimately useless, but i wanted to show it off anyway
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    How Can We Save Brawl?

    it'll be at smashcon not sure about apex
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    Is the "Smash 3" documentary gonna revive Brawl?

    i really hope so. it was such an amazing game and to see it just being left in the dust saddens me. the melee doc caused a huge growth of melee, maybe this doc can do the same
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    What's the last character you would ever want to main?

    :bowser2:, :pt:, and :olimar: they're all just so dull to play
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    Social Corrin Social - Still Fire Emblem Social

    i heard something about a fan translation of fates a couple months ago. anybody know what happened to that?
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    Social Corrin Social - Still Fire Emblem Social

    guys, i was on a road trip, why was my profile pic a bootleg palutena
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    OFFICIAL Waifu Tier List

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    Hungrybox wins Battle of the Five Gods -- Full Results and Payouts

    Wobbles was crazy this tournament. Wobbles vs. Westballz was one of the best sets I have ever watched.
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