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    Is breegull blaster useful at all?

    I've seen clips where they chain Dthrow > Breegull Blaster > full hop > Wonderwing. Don't believe it's true though, but they're definitely using it as a follow up to Dthrow into a jump.
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    When Is Down Throw into Up Smash true?

    It comes out slower, but I like using Fsmash as a kill option. I'm just trying to find ways to have a better mix up to help. I think it solely depends on how fast your opponent gets out of the bury. The fun part is turning Dthrow into a mind game.
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    When Is Down Throw into Up Smash true?

    Bury to > fsmash was true unless they mash early. I found it useful only against opponents not prepared for it. After one read, it becomes super easy to mash out of and a full hop nair or fair was the best follow up i could think of. Maybe even full hop then wait for an air dodge to punish.
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    Help with Forward Air-1

    I'm working on Fair 1 as an approach tool too since it combos into a ton of other great options for kill confirms. However, I would recommend trying the 2-button jump for your short hops and see if you like it. Since the 2.0 update, you can press 2 jump buttons to input a short hop automatically...
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    Wario's Falling Uair

    After a few months of playing Wario, I've found that a lot of pro Wario players set up their combos with a falling Uair. However, this might not be the easiest move to land in-game for newer players like myself. I was hoping to see what other Wario-mains have to say when it comes to getting...
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    Questions from a new Wario main

    Sari already covered most of the questions, but I thought I'd add my 2 cents as a fellow new Wario main. -The bike wheelie is also a good mix-up option for a kill confirm and it'll catch opponents on a platform too. -Play around with his chomp in the neutral phase. It definitely forces some...