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Recent content by Jechtire

  1. Jechtire

    MK Matchup's 3.6

    metaknight dittos are dumb 100 dollar ditto at the lab
  2. Jechtire

    MK Matchup's 3.6

    Been playing metaknight since 3.6 dropped, and after a couple of months playing vs good tristate players like DVD, Envy, and also traveling and playing against people like BaconPancakes, I'd like to report my experience. Metaknight is da tru yung god this character is insanely good and I...
  3. Jechtire

    Rivals of Aether - Official Thread

    We're streaming the June build of Rivals of Aether at www.twitch.tv/sandbagsquad
  4. Jechtire

    Rivals of Aether - Official Thread

    Hey, I'm the guy who won the Rivals Of Aether winners tournament at SmashCon (Jet). Just wanted to say that Kragg is perfect and is the most fun smash character I have ever played. Good job to the devs, and I'll for sure be playing the game seriously when it comes out. I also got some time...
  5. Jechtire

    Smash @ Xanadu Arcadian Results (102 Melee Entrants, 96 Wii U Entrants, 68 PM Entrants)

    The Jet that took my PM results isn't me. Can someone fix that?
  6. Jechtire

    Game and Watch Skype Group

    Is there one already? I'm not sure if there is, but if there isn't, add admiralawesome911 on skype and I'll make one.
  7. Jechtire

    Q&A Unleashing a 2-D Horror - A Game and Watch Thread

    Just got 4th at a 74 man PM regional going all GnW. I beat some good players like Cactuar, Frycook, Son2 and Jewchainz! this character is gonna get nerfed lol
  8. Jechtire

    Count to 9 - G&W Video Thread + Judgement Highlights

    Tips would be appreciated!
  9. Jechtire

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    J-Stars is amazing, too bad they didn't continue supporting it. Also they really should have let you adjust KO counts because first-to-3 1v1 takes way too long.
  10. Jechtire

    KTAR XI Results (304 total Entrants)

    PM still had great matches. Disappointed that it wasn't streamed but I know that's out of your control. PM is da bes game
  11. Jechtire

    Tier List Speculation

    You don't. Mewtwo's approaches aren't very good. And that is probably his biggest flaw right now. Mewtwo is still a strong character, and the recovery nerfs have solidified him as having one of the best offstage abilities in the game. He's gonna struggle vs. the melee characters way more in this...
  12. Jechtire

    Nerfs apparent in 3.5

    Mewtwo is fine. The nerfs to the other characters help him out a lot, especially the recovery nerfs. Melee characters are much harder to deal with now.
  13. Jechtire

    I'm surprised to see other PM players that actually live in Linden. We should play sometimeeeee

    I'm surprised to see other PM players that actually live in Linden. We should play sometimeeeee
  14. Jechtire

    Top Players & Videos by Character

    I believe juice.Doom runs it, but he's been so busy with stuff like the Nintendo stream and other smash4 stuff that he hasn't been to a Hitbox Arena event in awhile. He's gonna be traveling a lot for Smash4 so don't expect anything out of that channel for awhile.
  15. Jechtire

    Top Players & Videos by Character

    He actually did quit, tho, but only until he moved. No mewtwo's where he lives so he says hes comfortable playing again Also thanks Boiko! That means a lot to me.
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