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  • Attention all "Show Me Ya Moves!" tournament goers: the tournament is still going on. I've noticed a lot of you have been active but not in the tournament. I realize I screwed up and pushed this back a week, and a lot of you probably don't care or feel up to it anymore. I understand.

    However, brackets are still up and some of your opponents are waiting. If you don't want to participate in the tournament anymore, please reply to ME or on the tournament thread that you are dropping out. Some of the members that wish to keep participating will deeply appreciate it.

    Attention all "Show Me Ya Moves!" tournament goers: Because I didn't make this go fast enough, it is now pushed back to next weekend. I don't know about anybody else, but I have Christmas break then, and think it is a great time for playing.

    If you can get your match out of the way before then, that's great, but don't pressure yourself. School and work have priority over Brawl. ^_-

    Happy Falconing!
    K, I'm your next opponent in the Falcon tourney. Lemme know when's good for you.
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