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  • If I get Godzilla King Of The Monsters spoiled thanks to the non-sensical and unjustified delay in Spain... I will be mad.
    I like the new Retro Track for CTR NF.

    Sure, it is just a reskin for an existing one, but at least it is a decent minor bonus for PS4 users that doesn’t necessarily make Switch or Xbox owners upset.
    When most of the people in your personal life directly lie to you, and find the idea of making everything worse for yourself as the right thing... You know that life wants your head.
    I didn't interact with Brelooming as much as some people here did, but from the moments I did I could say that he was someone with a good heart and purpose, even if he had to deal with many problems up to this day.

    I will always remember him as the kind person he was, since he did behave like one based on my experience with the person itself.

    And as I said on the Social Thread, may my condolences go for his family and anyone close to him on this site.
    (repost from the Social Thread since I feel that the post should be shared on my profile)

    Ok, I may take a risk bringing this up but hopefully this goes well.

    So, we've been getting a lot of news for UA3 in the past months, and while I sadly feel that the Fantastic Four are less likely to get in each day we get closer to the launch date... I am currently excited for this game.

    And being more concrete, I always was excited for this game. It's just that life did me dirty and when we used to get news for the game (December and February) I had the awful luck of having those moments sadly taking place after some awful moments from my personal life (in December it was a death, and February that and more) so my mind got messed to terrible points getting to the point that I starting saying and writing stuff that I did not even meant to say in the first place (thoughts like "meh, it doesn't seem to have the First Family... But at least the game looks solid and promising with the stuff we know about so far" just ended up turning into random and radical nonsenses that in a retrospective view give me chills when reading again).

    Many of you had fair reasons to be upset about those comments, since even I find them bad too. But if I have to make something clear regarding the topic, it would be the fact that I am excited for this game and want to even pick it at launch alongside DQB2 if I am allowed to, no matter if the Fantastic Four are in or not.

    With this said, I find it for the better to wait and see how things turn out when the game releases. If they announce plans for DLC, I may consider something regarding that... But right now I will only wait to play the game and hope that many Switch owners like myself enjoy it as much as the first Ultimate Alliance.
    Alright, some of the games I still don’t own but owe to users here are...

    >...DMC5 for Gwen
    >...XC2 for Tobs
    >...R2 Remake for Staindgrey
    >...P4 Golden for some people at the Joker thread

    There may be more, but even with the ones written I fear that I won’t be able to pick most of them this year alone.
    I made an arena to clear myself up from the trashy day I had.

    The ID is KC3S0 and the password 2547
    The past one got taken down.

    The new ID is LNDJ4, same password.
    I accidentally took off my avatar and I can’t put it back due to a server error when uploading pictures.

    Taking in mind what has happened since the day started, I am completely hating it.
    Is it fine to double post on a thread where the last post made is from 2 months ago or more?

    I want to post something but that last post is mine.
    Ok, I’ll post every scenario I imagine in regards to Nintendo news during May and June on this post. Mostly because I won’t be online until the end of June after this day ends.

    For May, I only imagine a presentation for a mobile game or something of that level. Mario Kart Tour is the most likely due to the recent news of a Beta from Nintendo.

    The only news will only happen during the E3 period. I’ll divide my theorized reveals in two parts: general stuff and Smash.

    (((General Stuff)))
    >Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 details.
    >A section regarding new ports (my personal bet would go for a Spyro port releasing the same month as the PS4 and Xbox ports did in 2018).
    >Animal Crossing.
    >Something regarding Luigi’s Mansion 3.
    >Astral Chain.
    >Pokémon Sword & Shield.
    >New projects (maybe something regarding Kirby).
    >More of Daemon X Machina.
    >Might include Link’s Awakening stuff (not too confident on this one).
    >Ubisoft may reveal something involving Nintendo at the conference they have (seeing what has happened in the past years).
    >Square may show DQXIS at their conference (if not, maybe Nintendo does at their ports section mentioned before).
    >Maybe something about the new Digimon game.

    For Smash, I perfectly see Brave getting revealed. However, I feel like the character may be one of these:


    Taking these in mind, I will share my imagined scenarios for each case:

    >Brave is Erdrick
    ~Only reveal at E3, happening at Nintendo’s conference and without gameplay.
    ~Only reveal at E3, Nintendo’s conference and trailer with gameplay.
    ~Only reveal at E3, Square’s conference, no gameplay.
    ~Only reveal at E3, Square’s conference, gameplay.
    ~One of two reveals at E3, revealed at Nintendo’s conference alongside Banjo/Steve.
    ~Two reveals at E3, Square’s conference and Banjo/Steve at Microsoft’s.
    ~Revealed on a Smash presentation during E3’s time apart of the main presentation

    >Brave is Banjo
    ~Revealed at Nintendo’s conference.
    ~Revealed at Microsoft’s conference.
    ~Smash presentation.
    ~Revealed alongside Erdrick, same cases as the ones mentioned at Erdrick’s.

    >Brave is Steve
    ~Same as Banjo.

    >Brave is Agumon.
    ~Revealed at Nintendo’s presentation alongside Banjo/Steve.
    ~Revealed at Nintendo’s conference, Banjo/Steve at Microsoft’s.
    ~Smash Presentation.

    >Nothing about Smash at E3
    Worst case scenario
    I am having a bad day and mood.

    I am currently playing Cuphead but even that doesn't make me feel better.

    Good lord, hopefully tomorrow things go better, because I feel furious inside.
    When all else fails, T-Bag IRL
    T-Bagging solves all of life's problems. Feel better man.
    My first day with the Smash fighters hasn’t been bad at the moment.

    They enjoy how I look and loved my trailer.
    Deleted member
    When you pick Joker with his casual clothes on, you are actually playing as me but with a brighter skin.
    Hey JDCabrera, while you may be away, I wanted to let you know that you signed up to be an alternate player in Spirits Ricochet. Now, it appears that yoy are able to enter. I wanted to make sure you still were okay with taking the position before I send the PM. Are you in?
    I know that I am taking a break, but two minutes posting this won't probably be bad at the moment.

    Today it is the anniversary of the creation of Marvel's Doctor Doom (80 years I think) and I am hyped for that new Susan Storm solo comic. She is my favourite member of the Fantastic Four.

    That's all.
    I decided to take a break from the site this week.

    Don’t worry, nothing bad happened and things are still going great for me. I just have a lot of things to do IRL and focus on, which is interfering with my interactions in Smashboards at the moment.

    If things go right, I’ll be back next week since I have the whole thing free, but when it ends I will be offline until the weekend.

    I really have to give it all these days to have the summer free and be able to go to Madrid and meet a friend for the first time in two years since he left,
    That trailer for Phoenix's Joker movie was fantastic.

    I haven't stopped watching it since yesterday. Same with the DQV movie one.
    There’s too much silence around Smashboards at the moment I am writing this...

    ...Feels suspicious.
    Normally the Ultimate Social Thread would get a good chunk of new posts per minute... But it has been more than 8 minutes since the last one right now...

    Feels strange, maybe something happened while I was sleeping and at high school.
    I’m not used to this lack of activity.
    Feels like going through a ghost town.
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