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  • We are close to Piranha Plant Month.

    It doesn't come from Black Lagoon.
    It has been past the stars and beyond the moon.
    Dumb theory time:

    R.O.B. worked for Tabuu during the events of SSE to finally succeed on its mission of destroying every game that isn’t Gyromite or Stack-up, after the notorius defeat in the hands of the AVGN.

    He still fights in Smash to destroy the opponents and their respective games, and put Gyromite and Stack-up on every part of the world.
    Now that we talk about late or recent characters for Smash, i would like to talk for a second about Crash.

    When talking about Crash Bandicoot as a character that arrived late or in time, we have to consider one thing: Skylanders Imaginators.

    First, Activision had to contact Nintendo to get the permission for the compability with the DK and Bowser figures, so Nintendo had to know at least about general stuff of the game.

    In addition, the Crash Bandicoot edition of the game, alongside the character and the remasters, were revealed at E3 of 2016, meaning that Imaginators started development around 2015.
    It is possible that Nintendo knew to some extent about the Crash stuff, so Crash isn’t really a pick that arrived too late, all thanks to Skylanders Imaginators.

    Take in mind that Crash in Skylanders wasn’t the same deal as Spyro in the first game of that franchise. Instead of showing him as another new character or just another random figure, he was promoted as a guest and a way to build hype for the remasters. It wasn’t something like “Crash Bandicoot is trapped in Skylanders alongside Spyro. Forget him now”, but instead something like “We are bringing back Crash, and we will put him in Skylanders to make the wait fast”.
    I am enjoying this year’s Christmas more than my last summer, tbh.
    Try to come around my house anytime you can.
    We have a lot of great desserts and food.

    We would love to see you trying them.
    Appreciate the offer! Unfortunately it's against the rule to eat food that isnt from North Pole, even if they offer it to you. Plus i'm a toy maker elf not an scouting Elf so I dont leave North Pole very often. But Thanks man!
    You are welcome!
    Some thoughts on that rumour of a DK movie:

    I'm not that invested on animated 3D movies (unless when they get original with the visuals like in ITSV).

    However, DKC is a perfect Nintendo property for one, since it felt like one since the start.

    I doubt the veracity of the leak, but with the evolution of 3D animation i would give the frachise another shot with an adaptation.
    I expect the wait for Joker’s gameplay to be as long as the one for Mewtwo’s in Smash 4.
    Happy New Year’s Eve from Spain!

    I am trying to find the DK spirit that i need to have all of them.
    ~List of Smashboards Awards nominees~

    >Best Smashboards user in 2018<
    -Smashing Ramen

    >Worst Smashboards user<

    >Best Artist<

    >Best guest<

    >Best ****poster<

    >Most Inspiring Character supporter<
    -Captain America (Dragonborn)
    -Osby (Joker)
    -Iridium (Ryu Hayabusa)
    -Zinnith (Yoshi rep)
    -Graizen (Agumon)

    >Least Inspiring Character supporter<
    -JDCabrera (Crash Bandicoot)
    -GothFluttershy (Zoe)
    -Wademan94 (Fawful/Cynthia)
    ... I can’t believe it.

    Just when i thought that i would win the award for the worst Smashboards user in 2018, NessIsaChad appears 3 or 4 days before the year ends and already takes me off the throne.

    So, i got a Human Torch figure from the Marvel Legends line and a 2TB external memory for Christmas.

    Now we wait for January 6th to see what else i get this year.
    I have been a victim of discrimination because of my voice.

    I know how ****ty and scummy discrimination is.
    I also sound kind of dumb.

    The best way i could describe my voice is by comparing it to the one that a drunk Batman would have after a tiring night of party... As weird as it may sound.
    Crooked Crow
    Crooked Crow
    Ah well. I prefer not speaking if I can write, too.
    The people who find the idea of Doomguy in Smash as something too mature, but are fine with Wolverine in MvC shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    Wolverine is as violent, if not more brutal than Doomguy in a huge part of the comics where he appears.
    Not the same thing. Wolverine has a long history of appearing in kid-friendly media and MVC is has a higher age rating than Smash.
    Fair enough.

    But if Wolverine could be modified in a good way for the kid-friendly stuff, then it isn’t hard to make Doomguy able to get into Smash.
    Likes: osby
    Jingle Bells!
    Mario smells!
    Robin laid a thunder!

    The Blue Falcon lost a wing!
    And K.Rool got awaaaay!

    Flying through the sky!
    With my helibackpack!
    Countering with my belly and throwing my crown awaaaaay!

    I think that the idea of a third party rep having to come from a franchise with Switch entries is wrong.

    Only the company who owns it needs to have at least one game on a Nintendo console.

    For example, Gordon Freeman doesn't appear in any game released on a Nintendo console (correct me if i am wrong), but Portal had games on them (Bridge Constructor and LEGO Dimensions), making him able to appear in Smash like Joker.
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is probably my biggest dissapointment of the year, alongside Article 13 and Samus having the Other M look in Ultimate.
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Mine was No Bandana Dee in Smash Ultimate, and i've still yet to watch 10 Laxchris videos
    At least he is loved in the main Kirby games, so he isn’t in a case similar to Geno yet.

    I don't have plans of leaving Smashboards in the future yet.

    I can always use the off-topic threads, and i can still campaign to get Crash Bandicoot in a Smash game.
    Game Awards night!

    We have Metroid Prime, Crash Team Racing and the Avengers project...

    Could we get a neat Smash reveal too? Like Crash or the Square rep?
    I need some help with my PS4 controllers.

    I try to charge them, but they never do as much as i wait for.

    I either get a question mark while they charge, or they seem like they actually do, but never get a higher battery bar when taking off the cable.

    What should i do?

    I have a PS4 to play God Of War, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Spider-Man, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ratchet & Clank, Medievil, Uncharted 4 and maybe Kingdom Hearts 3.
    It's kinda strange that you'd find a question like this on smash boards.. Maybe I'm just not familiar with the platform? Idk, but maybe try using the charger that came with the PS4? Check charging ports in the PS4 settings, or maybe just plug it into the wall and check the port.
    The new Captain Marvel movie could finally give us an answer to a big question:
    Can Marvel Studios create a good Fantastic Four movie?

    The movie could answer this to us after years of waiting for one thing alone... The Skrulls.

    If the movie uses the Skrulls in a great and respectful way, even if they end up being the only good thing about the movie... We can be positive about the future of the Fantastic Four in Marvel Studios.

    I will see Captain Marvel, hoping that i won’t be dissapointed as much as i was when i saw the Fox movies for the first time.
    All I wanna know is how the cat plays in all of this.
    I am excited for the new trailer of Godzilla:King Of The Monsters trailer that will release next week.
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