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  • If anyone watches Captain Marvel today, I would love to hear their thoughts on the Skrulls after seeing it.

    If you want to, you can do so through PMs.
    You know, it feels weird to see many users who are leaving getting supportive comments from the other users... After the way people reacted when I left during February.

    I want to believe that those weren’t intentional... But they got into me.
    I would love to have my account pranked after watching the Skrulls in Captain Marvel.

    Just to fit more with the Skrull aesthetic.

    I'm also going to make a new avatar regarding it.
    You're willing to suffer that much just to get pranked? Those are some guts you got there. Good luck man :)
    I am just hyped for the Skrulls.
    The Ultimate Social Thread made my brain dizzy.
    Sometimes I go there, and have a lot of fun and chill, and other times all hell breaks loose. I guess that's part of the fun of the Ultimate Social Thread :P
    I will be here for this week since I have holidays.

    However, if I keep causing trouble here I may leave again and keep practicing my social skills online through Discord until I am ready to behave completely right.

    February was an awful month, so I don’t know how this one will go like.
    And trust me, my mind was so messed that I didn't notice it back then.

    The amount of bad stuff happening to my family and I was so much that I was blocked mentally.
    No one is a perfect conversationalist. Take me, I still have trouble going a single day without saying something stupid to someone.
    You aren't wrong.
    However, I went too far at times with stuff I even reject now.

    And many people here still remember them.
    How can I fight against the mechanic in Mother 3 where certain hits make you lose energy until you die?

    I am dying on every fight only because of it.
    I give up with the Ultimate thread.
    Even when I share the same thoughts as most of them, they keep taking me as a worthless thing during most debates.
    I gave up on them after the Bikini Katalina incident a long time ago.
    I usually go there to chill and participate in arenas.
    Today everyone in Smashboards is acting weird...
    >Steve supporters are posting pictures of that awful “fanmade” 3D model of the character which I thought was banned to use.

    >The Square thread may be at war.

    >Apparently Banjo got more likely for some reason I don’t know.

    I’m scared.
    You can’t make anyone on the Ultimate thread happy, even when you are in agreement with their thoughts.

    I will post in other threads until things change.
    *Meanwhile, at Marvel Entertaiment*

    >Marvel's president: Ok guys, so it has been a while since we started resurrecting the Fantastic Four on January, what have each one of you done regarding them?

    >Dan Slott: Well, I am glad to share that my run of the First Family is well-received overall, and the sales of the book are nice. Things are fine regarding comics.

    >Marvel Social Media: We made a big event online called "Fantastic Four Week", which brought more interest towards the team in general. It was well received. We also streamed some episodes of the 90s cartoon.

    >Netmarble: We made a huge update based on the F4 for Future Fight, which many players enjoyed a lot.

    >Kabam: We are slowly introducing each member of the team in the roster and lore of Contest Of Champions. The Thing and Silver Surfer are present already and we plan to add more.

    >FoxNet: We added a Doctor Doom quest in Strike Force. There are plans for more Fantastic Four content in the future.

    >Puzzle Quest devs: we made a huge update based on the legacy of the team and Namor. It was received decently.

    >Marvel HQ: We published on our YouTube channel during Fantastic Four Week many episodes of World's Greatest Heroes, which many fans consider the best Fantastic Four series. We also made them available worldwide.

    >Marvel Studios: after the purchase of Fox, we are finally testing the waters for the F4 content in the MCU through the Skrulls in Captain Marvel. We hope that we do a job that gets liked a lot.

    >Insomniac: To celebrate the history between Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, we added to Spider-Man PS4 two important suits from the most beloved stories shared by both characters. People liked Bagman a lot!

    >Tt Games/Warner: We are releasing a bundle of every LEGO Marvel game with every DLC included. The Fantastic Four are in the first game.

    >Marvel President: Well... I like what I hear a lot. I'm sure that things won't get bad anytime so-

    *Ultimate Alliance 3 devs crash the door*

    >UA3 Devs: Yo what's up fellow kids!? Sorry for being completely gone since December and skipping a big month for the company. HERE'S CAPTAIN MARVEL AND FOUR/THREE OTHER CHARACTERS THAT EVERYONE AND THEIR PARENTS EXPECTED BEFORE WE EVEN MADE THE GAME OFFICIAL!!! ISN'T THAT COOL MARVEL STUDIOS!?

    *Insert Spider-Man facepalm here*

    >Marvel Studios: No... It isn't. And you didn't even add the Skrulls...
    >”The people behind Mach Rider said that they wanted the girl present in one of the shots as the girlfriend of the character, so he must be a boy!”
    *travelling back to one or two years ago*
    >”The team behind Super Mario World said that they intended to make Mario punch Yoshi at first, so that means that Mario mistreats Yoshi!”

    Declarations about the concepts that the team of the game had at first ==/== official confirmation.

    Just like Nintendo scrapped the idea of making Mario punch Yoshi, the company can also affirm that Mach Rider is a girl without any trouble (and they kind of did with an old official poster from a japanese magazine and Captain Rainbow).
    You're the first person in a long time to bring up that the "punching Yoshi" thing was a scrapped concept and not in the final product. And yet I still get "NINTENDO CONFIRMS MARIO PUNCHES YOSHI!!!"
    Yeah, people who claim that Mario punches Yoshi are annoying.
    Nintendo made it clear through stuff like official art that Mario is actually pointing Yoshi a direction.
    My hopes for the Direct are these:
    >Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch.
    >Spyro on Switch.
    >New DKC game.
    >K.Rool and/or Mach Rider in Mario Kart/Mario Tennis Aces.
    >New Ultimate Alliance 3 trailer featuring the Fantastic Four.
    >Amiibo of Dark Samus, the Belmonts, Snake and maybe Meta Ridley.
    >New F-Zero/Mach Rider.
    >Dragon Quest stuff.
    >”Brave” getting revealed and being Erdrick or Eight from Dragon Quest.
    >Super Mario Maker DX/2.
    >Super Mario 3D World on Switch.
    Broke: helping girls to get a girlfriend.
    Woke: helping everyone including girls to feel like you are doing good stuff for the future of the planet, while also finding value on yourself.
    Which one of these should i comment on the Ultimate thread next weekend (or tomorrow if things go as bad as today)?

    >Godzilla vs Megalon (A.k.a. The Jet Jaguar movie).
    >Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster.
    >Godzilla vs Space-Godzilla.
    >The original Godzilla movie.
    **** off Article 13.
    You gave me too many nightmares, you have tortured me mentally and you made me feel awful IRL while affecting my social life.

    In the name of the mental and social health of Europe, my friends both IRL and online, the world and even myself, we want you dead and forgotten.

    You literally ruin lives.
    I kind of stopped worrying about Article 13, because at this point, not much is really happening. I have a good feeling it won't get passed. If you start to ignore its existence, your fears will start to go away, and things will go back to normal.
    Thanks for your support.

    And yeah, you may be right.
    >Marvel “fans”: “Susan Storm is soooo useless! She can only turn herself invisible and make stupid shields... That just sucks!”
    Susan Storm: *Stops Silver Surfer’s freaking board (which can go faster than light) with a single shield, prevents any being from breathing by surrounding their heads with a strong sphere shield and is able to stop celestial bodies or turn any huge structure invinsible with enough focus and concentration*

    >Disney “fans”: “Cinderella is a bland character who just marries a prince and nothing else! What could she teach the viewer?”
    Cinderella: *makes a critic to parental/family abuse, treats the fear about being aparted from the world or home slavery and teaches the importance of opening ourselves to the world*
    I just had a crazy idea:
    >In the middle of a Direct, a trailer starts.
    >We see that it is Ultimate Alliance 3.
    >A voice makes a summary of the things we know, before introducing each character revealed so far.
    >Suddenly, the voice stops talking.
    >We see the Fantasticar above the camera.
    >From it, the Fantastic Four fall to the ground.
    >They land close to the camera.
    >The voice pops up again and says “And we’re not even over...”
    >We see the camera zooming off the First Family, until we see a skyview of the place with a lot of Marvel Characters.
    >A giant text pops up reading *"ALL THE HEROES AND VILLAINS ARE HERE!*”/*“NOBODY IS BEING MISSED!”*
    >The summary of the character keeps going showing that every hero and villain from the past Ultimate Alliance titles, even the ones who were CPUs, is going to be playable.
    >We get a new shot of the final scene from the Game Awards trailer, but now including all the characters.
    >The logo appears
    >The trailer closes with a message reading “Preorder the game to get Ultimate Alliance 1+2 for free”
    I would buy a Godzilla game for Switch with Jet Jaguar faster than a speeding bullet.

    Would you like to see one too?
    It feels bad when you almost manage to improve your reputation... but a stupid mistake takes all the effort down the floor.

    Although I’m not sure if the mistake has affected my reputation, so i should see what happens.
    How to make Metroid Prime 4 good for JDCabrera:

    >Don’t ruin the Gravity Suit’s design.
    >Make the levels interesting to explore and diverse.
    >Apply a good system of progression.
    >Feel free to repeat the concept of the travel between planets, but improve some elements of it.
    >If it doesn’t fit well, skip the option of having voice acting.
    >As usual, have dope tunes for the battles.
    >Attention to detail with the visuals is neat, since it makes the player feel more like becoming Samus Aran. Apply a good amount of it.
    >Make the boss fights stand out on their own, possible by making the use of thinking strategies or finding patterns by experimentation key in the first ones.
    >Show the graphical improvement that the Switch can handle.
    >Don’t limit the weaponry or tools that Samus has by the actions of another character (looking at you, Adam Malkovich).
    >If you want to bring some horror, try to mix the feelings of tension with fear on the gameplay (similar to the way that Fusion handled it regarding the gameplay).
    >Keep the ability to scan species and objects, but as an optional tool.
    >In general, take the good parts of the Prime games released before, and improve them as much as needed.
    >Don’t focus a lot on the story.
    >Add cool bonuses and hidden easter eggs, since they add replay value.
    >Include a new armour for Samus.
    >Bring back something similar to the narrator from the first Prime game, and also use it only for the beginning.
    >Allow the use of motion controls to some extent, but without leaving out buttoms on the controller.
    >Make the game compatible with the Gamecube controller as an option.
    >Release the game alongside some cool amiibo.
    What if Nintendo worked with Mercury Steam to release Metroid Dread while Retro Studios works with Prime 4?
    Delightfully devilish, though it would be a lot of work if they intended to redo all of Dread in 3D.
    I really need to share my thoughts on the Metroid Prime 4 news:

    >This update proves that they care about the project, and they won’t show anything until it meets the standards. EA should learn more from Nintendo, and this is why.
    >Retro Studios isn’t dead. This is great news, since they are still able to make a sequel of Tropical Freeze, and their experience will help a lot when making Metroid Prime 4. I was happy to see the studio still alive, and i wish the same for Level-5.
    >It is now likely that Metroid Prime 4 gets the chance of being a highly praised game like BOTW, which went through a similar development. I’m not worried.
    >It is great to see that Nintendo finds the reception regarding the project pretty positive. This means that they see interest and demand regarding the franchise, so we won’t see a lack of support from their part in a long time.
    >This doesn’t mean that the game will end like Sonic 2006 or Sonic Forces. Nintendo is in general better than that, and they are working a lot to keep the track of awesome first party games on Switch strong.

    >Being honest, the only huge negative i can think of is the fact that we have to wait, but it isn’t a huge deal.
    The Fantastic Four have fallen into the world of trophies! While you may play mostly as the Thing, you will temporarily become one of the other three members of Marvel’s first family by performing their specific special move.

    It’s a Duck Hunt bird? It’s a Pilotwings plane? No, it’s Superman! The Man of Steel has arrived to the world of trophies in a mission to stop Galleem from taking over the multiverse. Faster than Bayonetta’s bullets, more powerful than the Blue Falcon and able to jump over an Alolan Exeggutor; he will be a great pick to any kind of player!

    For the first time in more than 10 years, the biggest companies of the comic book industry are face to face with the addition of the Fantastic Four and Superman! Will you make them fight... or work together?
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