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    Social The Charizard Social: Merry Switchmas!

    These Charizard forums must be the neglected forums on Smashboards..
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    Official Pac-Man's Amazing Full Colour Fan Club! - Pac-Man General Thread

    Lol your late as always man :[ Isn't that just hydrant thru stage again? I dont think it matters if it is a platform or not.
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    A "Psystriking" Discovery: The Mewtwo Moveset Discussion Thread

    cons: (sounds like wii fit trainer) Pros: (you meant to say less start up lag) custom special icy wind: (1/50 is too low) custom special taunt: (range?) custom special recover: (sounds OP please add detail) More: too much like melee! Q: Is his idle animation floating and can he dash/glide over...
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    A "Psystriking" Discovery: The Mewtwo Moveset Discussion Thread

    Wait, these move sets are not going to be implemented, so it is just for fun?
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    A "Psystriking" Discovery: The Mewtwo Moveset Discussion Thread

    So then are there no melee veterans that know of any???
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    A "Psystriking" Discovery: The Mewtwo Moveset Discussion Thread

    Srry this may be the wrong thread for it, but are there any advanced techniques specific to Mewtwo??. I've only played melee when I was young, so if there is a very well known technique that you think i know, i dont, so just post it anyways thx..:)
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    Crouch Sliding Forward methods

    Whoa exactly what I was looking for.
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    Video & Critique Thread

    NOOO i failed!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Video & Critique Thread

    My unique critique: try a ponytail. or do the thing where you cut the sides short then pull the top back into a trim ponytail. when you wear a tux, dont forget a rose, preferably white rose on red tux, maybe yellow rose on a vivid colored tux. never wear black tux w/ white rose, too boring for...
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    Pac-Man Stage Analysis/Discussion (Open Discussion)

    This might of been mentioned earlier, but Villager destroys us on this stage (haha meant offstage). 1) bowling ball 2) tree 3) turnip-spike 4) pocket 5) fair/bairs that knock us farther offstage so we HAVE to recover low, but then are subject to all of the above. Recovery options: -the tree...
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    New pacman glitch ?

    what a waste of a first post Yahh this works with most moves that have a change in momentum you should experiment and try them all! HAPPY FIRST POST!!!! My mother's b-day is today!!! March 22!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYYYAUAUAUAUAUAAUAUAUAAAYAYA ;]
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    Video & Critique Thread

    my best critique i can give u is to taunt more, side taunt when u clutch, up taunt when u land a great kill, down taunt when the opponent fails and you do a big punish, remember, its all about the mixups.
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    Video & Critique Thread

    You need to say more questions like that; it really compliments your profile picture. ;]
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