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    Melee: Cape Edition

    Can I use this with 20xx?
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    Snake's Virtual Reality Training Center

    That's seems like a lot of landing lag. Or is it not?
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    SSBU... Sakurai still let us PM players down

    I thought balloon knockback really only occurs at higher % to avoid dumb combos. Low % combos are there still.
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    I have a question about the Smash Ultimate Switch Edition,

    In a different state? I don't see why it wouldn't work. Isn't the different ehsops just based on like US or Japan? Not different states. You could make a new account maybe and put in the new address? Or just not set it up until you can download the game? Not entirely sure, but I can't see...
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    Smash Direct next month?

    Robin like reveal this month and all out in November. Or smash this month so they can prep every one for other holdiday releases in November.
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    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    How do I make a CPU have SD remix attributes?
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    What games have you played because of Super Smash Bros?

    Made me try some series even if I didn't get into them like Pikmin and FE. I really enjoyed KIU because of seeing him in brawl and his pretty large role in SSE. Never played much f-zero, G&W, animal crossing or some other series. Just really don't seem like I'd enjoy them. Smash was probably...
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    What is something that makes you really happy about Smash?

    Being able to bring my friends and family together for some nice old casual fun! Going to tournaments is fun too! Just love smash Bros. Best series in gaming by far.
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    What Type of Direct Do You Think Will Be The Next One?

    Late October since the pre order bundle releases on the 2nd to get that back in everyone's head before black friday/holiday shopping. Then a regular one November focusing on holiday releases and announce a new poke in smash.
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    What is something you just... don’t get about Super Smash Bros?

    I'd rather have them as a clone than not playable at all.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Ok so Ridley was shown and then next direct we got dark Samus and K Rool. I'm thinking Dixie as the echo this direct and it'll probably be skull kid. Like Dixie walks through a forest area and Skull kid annoys her and then they both get a splash screen. I want an MH Hunter after that rathalos...
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    Are Freefall Mechanics Good for Smash?

    It makes sense for some to not freefall and some to freefall. Like you said tether recoveries would become very good. The mechanic gives better balance.
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    Eight Directional Whipping

    Does it have a hitbox while it tethers though? I know like Link could zair to attack but the tether didn't have a hitbox if I recall correctly.
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    Eight Directional Whipping

    Hope Richter has something to make him better or he'd just be a worse Simon.
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    Eight Directional Whipping

    If he can go 8 directions it sounds op and would be hard to dodge. His edgegaurd with these could be insane. Edit: Sorry it lagged and first post didn't appear at first.
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