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    In a big rut, not really getting anywhere

    I'll add some things you may haven't realized/thought about. Spacing: Moonwalk Bairs, reverse UTilt in case they get too close behind you, and you can regain positioning with B-Reversed/Wave-Bounced Aura Sphere. Grabs: UThrow>UTilt>Re-Grab works amazing against spacies and most of the rest of...
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    Fundamental PM Falco guide (?)

    Such as? I know his Dair isn't as strong as Melee's, and his jab is different, but what else has changed? I thought all his aerials, lasergame, tilts, etc. were practically the same. Other than Shine losing it's invincibility.
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    ASC or L-Cancel?

    Which is faster for short-hopped aerials, ASC or L-Canceling? I know it's generally better to ASC everything, but what about SH aerials? Which has more lag to it?
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    Falco PM specific techniques ?

    I don't use B-Reverses or DACUS as much as I probably should, but I find Falco's laser game to be a bit more 'lock-down' if you b-reverse your lasers and end up right in front of them. Could really screw up someone who isn't expecting it. The only real time I use DACUS is to scoop up someone...
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    Fundamental PM Falco guide (?)

    This would be cool. I'd definitely come and check it out!
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    Where to start?

    Dash dancing in neutral to punish whiffed attacked with either A) Dash Attack or B) USmash and SHFFL Fair are your best friends to land a hit. DownB cancel is good for approaching as well, but you risk missing the attack and burning a charge, so I typically use DownB cancel for combos. And...
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    Dropzone Double Laser Help

    Hey, guys; I've been wondering how exactly you do the dropzone DL that Westballz does often (the one where he drops off the ledge the quickly shoots 2 lasers while landing back on stage to catch (for example) a Fox in his UpB). I've tried it numerous times, and I either A) b-reverse the lasers...
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    Plz Hep

    I'm guessing you're a Falco main, and while I don't have much experience fighting Sonic, the best thing I can think of is to spam lasers to limit his insane speed and wait for an opening to start your pillars. Falco's lasers are great at stuffing approaches. Remember to also use full hop lasers...
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    Dat ain't Falco...wait, nvm dat is Falco.

    Dat ain't Falco...wait, nvm dat is Falco.
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    Dat ain't Falco,

    Dat ain't Falco,
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    I Didn't Know "Roy-zoned" Was Still This Bad!

    I've never noticed this before, is this a random bug that occurs? Or can his sword just literally NOT hit through platforms in this version? Roy's one of my 'for-fun-but-still-kinda-serious' characters, so I haven't noticed this at all hahah.
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    Falco Shine Juggle?

    Okay, thanks! And yeah, I was in training practicing my waveshines on a Falcon and would just juggle with wveshines, so I thought I'd ask if this was legit or not. Dair shines are more optimal, I agree, but shine juggle could just be used as a mixup or an easy way to rack up about an easy 24% if...
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    Falco Shine Juggle?

    Thanks! I figured it was about three haha. Is it only on other spacies though? Or could it work on Falcon as well? (Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm not too literate in character fall-speed. Lol)
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    Falco Shine Juggle?

    Can Falco juggle fast-fallers (Wolf, Fox, Cpt Falcon, and himself, primarily) at 0-very low percents using just his Shine? I know that Wolf can do this on more than just the fast-fallers since his shine doesn't launch as far. Also, I saw Westballz not too long ago double (triple?) shine Leffen...
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    Left/Right USmash input?

    I can't go into debug mode, because I use a Fight Pad (plugs into the Wii remote, I personally prefer it more than a GC Controller. Also, on a Wii U), so I can't enter debug mode, sadly haha. What exactly are the inputs you're talking about? Is it a smash input after the USmash? Or a tilt input...
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