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Recent content by J3f

  1. J3f

    Possible changes for Link (To celebrate 3.6 being announced)

    I don't want an exceptionally faster Link, that's Toon Link's niche. Just a less laggy Link like in 3.02. I'm also waiting for Link's bomb game to be fully exploited to the extent that Shines are. Here's me showing off what bombs can really do:
  2. J3f

    Possible changes for Link (To celebrate 3.6 being announced)

    It's not gimmicky, changing bombs to contact explosives would completely change how bomb jumping is done and if it could be done at all.
  3. J3f

    I found a new Sonic tech;I call it the "dash attack cancelled grab dash attack grab attack"

    It's not that hard actually. It's the same input as an Edge Slash with Link, just swap B for A. It's a lot easier with tap jumping on, just tap up on the stick and delay your button press by a couple frames.
  4. J3f

    Any broken characters? Any HORRIBLE characters?

    No way Link is still top 5, or top 20 for that matter. Mewtwo was nerfed too. Most everyone else was shuffled around in the tier list too. Fox is still number 1 though.
  5. J3f

    3.5 Link Discussion

    The Problem with Link is that all his 30-70 matchup are against top-tier characters. In exchange his 70-30 matchups are against the worst characters in the game. They don't balance each other out. I'd rather have a Link which had a few 40-60 and nothing better than 55-45 than a Link with 7...
  6. J3f

    3.5 Link Discussion

    Link's in the position that Jiggly Puff was in in 3.0, he's very similar to his melee version which means he's garbage in PM. Jiggly Puff was even objectively better than Link in Melee, being slightly better than your low-tier melee incarnation makes you bottom tier in Project M.
  7. J3f

    3.5 Link Discussion

    Link now has 70-30 and 80-20 against the 3 most important characters in the game (i.e. Fox, Falco, Shiek), where before they used to be 60-40 and even 50-50 to 40-60. He also goes 60-40 to 70-30 with most of the cast now. He's definitely bottom half of the cast, I'd place him a little higher up...
  8. J3f

    3.5 Link Discussion

    Yeah, between Mew2King saying Link was the best character in the game and Link being a noob killer Link was way over rated. The tournament results weren't bearing this out either. Most tournaments were still dominated by Spacies with Pit and Lucas capable of winning a few here and there. Lucas...
  9. J3f

    Link Advanced Technique Guide

    Yes, although I'm not sure about the touch of death part. I do one in my 3.02 video on bomb serving: (I didn't put much effort into the video so it didn't get edited out), Link can break a bomb with a grounded Spin Attack and not take damage.
  10. J3f

    Game Design: Pros and Cons of balancing the meta-game.

    The PMDT destroyed the Meta that had built around all previous iterations of Project M with 3.5. The patch was both a step to the side in a new direction and a huge step backwards for the Metagame. 3.5 is to 3.0 as 3.0 is to Melee, it's a completely new game compared to previous versions of...
  11. J3f

    3.5 Link Discussion

    Large Characters had problems with most of the cast in 3.02. Their matchups swung wildly with what stage you picked, they loved small stages and hated everything else. They were low tier because they lost to fast characters and zoning characters and were combo food. Their one redeeming quality...
  12. J3f

    Should Link have some move changes next update?

    No, Link doesn't need to move while charging his bow. You can just Short Hop - Bow if you need extra mobility.
  13. J3f

    3.5 Link Discussion

    They're too close together, Link looks uncomfortable like he has to take a piss.
  14. J3f

    3.5 Link Discussion

    All Balance in P:M is subjective. No character can enter the Konami code and autowin a match, otherwise they would be objectively better. The problem with Link is that he has nearly unwinnable matchups. This can be mitigated by switching to a secondary, but why should I when I could just Main a...
  15. J3f

    I disagree with how 3.5 approached balance.

    I'm referring specifically to how Sheik could get reliable chaingrabs on half the cast in Melee that lead to 0-death combos.Sheik's responsible for keeping a lot of Melee characters out of top tier even though they can deal with a lot of other top tiers. Sheik still has chaingrabs in PM, but...
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