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Recent content by J.Noble

  1. J.Noble

    New Tech: Self Sticky!!!!

    Hey Agents! We are able to stick ourselves with C4 and have more freedom with it! Heres a video by moku! Self Sticky tutorial by Moku
  2. J.Noble

    How to play Pichu?

    I've been experimenting against chrom. In most situations, you are actually fast enough to get under him and nair before he gets to the right spot to up-b. Or you can just surprise fast fall nair. Most Chroms right now aren't used to being challenged down there.
  3. J.Noble

    Snake Video Thread

    Ally vs Smokk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxHNFXx-waE More Ally:
  4. J.Noble

    What to learn as Snake?

    With Inkling, same here but what I fear with them is their speed. I was watching Armada play around with iStudying who had Snake and Snake didn't even have a chance with Inking using only fairs. You're absolutely right about the disadvantage state. I think a solution is this: Snake with all his...
  5. J.Noble

    What to learn as Snake?

    I feel that one thing we have to focus on is defense. I've been trying him out, got in to elite smash and have been going up in GSP pretty consistently but I can already tell that rush down characters are going to be an issue. I'll be honest, my fundamentals are average at but I just want to...
  6. J.Noble

    Let's talk about input lag

    Check this out. Found it on Reddit. Button to Pixel Input lag analysis for smash ultimate This video confirms the issue. Street Fighter V had a similar issue and it seems like it got patched. Hopefully this happens sooner than later. The game feels great besides the and some of the button...
  7. J.Noble

    I will have my Revenge!: Kratos Support and Speculation

    Understood. I’ll add more detail in.
  8. J.Noble

    I will have my Revenge!: Kratos Support and Speculation

    I remember when Cloud was introduce and it seemed like the whole fighting game community lit up. If you go back and watch all the reactions, it was a party! The simple fact that no one expected it and that the character in the game represented something bigger; Nintendo can be diplomatic. When...
  9. J.Noble

    Social 7th Heaven - Cloud Social Thread

    Yeah Jeez! Everyone complains that Square cheated on Nintendo or that he's a playstation character. Remember in melee where everyone requested Sonic? It doesn't matter where they come from, I'm just happy he's there. I mean damn! you get to use the buster sword (and the Mark II bustersword from...
  10. J.Noble

    Villager Video Thread

    Took him for a ride!
  11. J.Noble

    Villager Video Thread

    http://youtu.be/BQlzsXOtves http://youtu.be/oCHqWf0tgUM WHOOHOO Showing off the gimpmaster 9000 And a 3stock
  12. J.Noble

    Smash Theory 5: Edgeguarding

    http://youtu.be/BQlzsXOtves Edge guarding is an essential concept in smash 4. Every character/player has their weaknesses. Winning involves exploiting those weakness with the tools provided and the knowledge of your own limits. Smash is a game where every opportunity should be considered...
  13. J.Noble

    Data Ryu Combo Thread

    Now this combo is interesting. There are holes that are punishable but the opposite is true as well. FADC1 > Dair(spike) toward mid stage = 0% to around 80% I think. In earlier percents (32 to 40), you do FADC1 > Dair > hadoken. Wild Jab lock appears!!! (With no tech) If they tech (no roll)...
  14. J.Noble

    Guest Editorial: The Inner Game and Smash

    Thank you for these words.
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