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Recent content by IzukuXYang4Life

  1. IzukuXYang4Life

    Punishment Through Pain - Silent Hill 2's Pyramid Head for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    Personally. I want to see Pyramid Head as a Mii Costume for the Mii Sword Fighter. Given that Fighter Pass 2 has had enough sword fighters and it's time Smash Ultimate got more non sword fighters as DLC.
  2. IzukuXYang4Life

    Am i just bad or is Mewtwo bad?

    I still hate those characters (I loathe Pyra and Sephiroth with a passion) regardless as to whether or not Mewtwo is better than them. Mainly because of them being so unoriginal with nothing creative or unique about their movesets. No cool magic spells. Just more boring as feces sword slashes...
  3. IzukuXYang4Life

    Henshin A Go-Go, Baby! Viewtiful Joe for Smash thread

    Hey sign me up as a supporter. I would rather have seen Joe in the game than Hero or Steve.
  4. IzukuXYang4Life

    If you could add one newcomer to each section of the roster, who would they be?

    Mario- Fawful And That's it. Donkey Kong- Dixie Kong (Why couldn't Sakurai just add her to the base game instead of pointless crap like Isabella) Zelda- Vaati Metroid- Sylux Kirby- Bandanna Waddle Dee Star Fox- Krystal Yoshi- Absolutely Nobody Earthbound/Mother- Porky Minch Pokemon-...
  5. IzukuXYang4Life

    "Under the Southern Cross, Anything is Possible!" | Mike Jones Support Thread

    Hey sign me up as a supporter. I would rather have Mike Jones in the game as opposed to more worthless garbage like Pyra/Mythra Or Isabella.
  6. IzukuXYang4Life

    When will the Final Video Presentation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate happen?

    Well. Nothing Happened at E3. So I'm willing to bet in December in a casual Nintendo Direct or sometime before that in a special presentation. Though I do wish they would show off the final character at EVO this year. Since EVO is still happening. Regardless as to when the next character is...
  7. IzukuXYang4Life

    Midna ! Out of the Shadows ! (New DLC means a new chance !)

    Hey sign me up as supporter. Minda and Wolf Link should have been playable as opposed to Shiek, Toon Link, Or Young Link (There was no real reason for Sakurai to throw those guys in Ultimate aside from him being lazy as usual).
  8. IzukuXYang4Life

    Am i just bad or is Mewtwo bad?

    Mewtwo in Ultimate is still not as bad as Isabella, Incineroar, and half the cringe worthy DLC sword fighters that had no reason to be in the game. So there's that for you.
  9. IzukuXYang4Life

    The Big Guy with the Terrifying Mask- No not Jason Vorhees, Rick Taylor for Ultimate

    Count me in as a supporter. I would have rather seen Rick Taylor in the 1st Fighter Pass as the M rated rep as opposed to some generic emo edgelord (Joker) who's not iconic and had no reason to be in the game at all (In my opinion).
  10. IzukuXYang4Life

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Lifetime Sales Prediction Thread

    I'm surprised were even saying millions considering how lackluster and disappointing Ultimate is. With Mediocre DLC that's not fun to use., is only here to cash in on whatever is currently popular (Leeching Off Current Day Japanese Culture) consisting of characters you'll probably forget about...
  11. IzukuXYang4Life

    Social Sora Unlocks the Door! The Sora Social Thread

    That's very cute if I might say. Also makes me wonder why Agrabah did not come back for Kingdom Hearts 3? Like seriously! They could have easily gone with a plot based on the Aladdin sequel King Of Thieves (With them introducing Aladdin's Father)!! While throwing in some elements of the 90's...
  12. IzukuXYang4Life

    What If The DLC Fighters Replace Certain Base Fighters Or Get Added In Spirit Battles?

    You bring up a good point. Steve, Joker, Hero, Sephiroth, Pyra And Mythra, That Stupid Plant, Byleth They all should have just been spirit sticker cameos and that's it really it (I just really don't freaking like the DLC Newcomers at all and I really do not like JRPG games). And here's a...
  13. IzukuXYang4Life

    What is your most hated criticism against your most wanted character?

    It's not so much as a criticism with a certain character. But It's a criticism with the entire Smash Bros community, Sakurai himself, and The Japanese gamers. And how all they want is for the entire DLC roster to be nothing sword fighters and JRPG characters!!! Both of which!! I'm sick to...
  14. IzukuXYang4Life

    Stage Discussion: Stages you would like to see

    Hey is that gonna be a mod for Ultimate like Project M??? Where they add stuff that wasn't in the original game????? Because if that' what theat guy on Twitter is doing!!! Then I would freaking love to see that mod come into full fruition!!!! With that mod getting alternate outfits for every...
  15. IzukuXYang4Life

    Turn on your night vision goggles - Splinter Cell's "Sam Fisher" joins the fight!

    Sign me up as a supporter. Would have rather seen Sam in Smash as opposed to Joker. I've had enough in terms of JRPG reps being the only DLC Smash gets and am so sick to death/tired of endless JRPG representation (I don't like JRPG games). I also want more gun fighters as opposed to more...
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