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    Q&A Pikachu Q&A Thread (Ask a Quick Question, Get a Quick Answer)

    How is pikachu's diddy mu
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    It's all about her consistency over marth.
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    I'm pretty surprised people still think marth is better than lucinia tbh. Lucinia has way better movement and is more consistent overall. Tippers are really inconsistent and you can't kill without them while lucinia just kills at 80 off of a jab
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    Beat Mario Color?

    Or.... you could use purple
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    I like the fact that weeklies are competitive, it's a better environment if you are trying to improve and play better players. I know it's up to the players but if everyone sandbags it's not the same.
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    How to break campy or defensive play styles?

    Usually they want to keep you out of their zone, that being the area you can hurt them. Usually they have bad out of sheild options so you can go from there.
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    Who is the Least-Used Character in SSB4? (Competitively?)

    Well obviously the miis (if they are legal) but it's probably a toss up between olimar, Zelda and puff since they only have a few people using them regularly.
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    Social Spoon Sword Social

    I prefer not to get into all of that but by far gen 1 had the most lazy designs. Including just multiplying the base Pokemon, a poke ball and an upside down pokeball. Among more
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    Social Spoon Sword Social

    Yeah them let's all run weavile out of fear
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    Social Spoon Sword Social

    IDC about doing an infinite on people, I'm more concerned about learning this as a kill confirm at 80
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    What character did you first ever main?

    :samus2: Back when I was playing brawl casually, :lucario: when I tried to play competitive without owning a Wii. Smash 4: :4greninja::4falcon: back in 3ds pre nerfs :4pikachu:then a tiny bit of :4yoshi:, quit came back with :4metaknight: wasn't making progress post nerf so now I'm rolling with...
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    Possible New Universal Tech (metagame)

    I'll try this out tonight if I remember
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    Social Spoon Sword Social

    ATM I'm doing pp, drilling follow-ups and I might start trying to lc. Ledge canceling is probably one of the main things I want to learn to finish off my movement options. I haven't even attempted the footstool combos I'm still trying to get rar nair down lol.
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    Q&A Game Play Advice and General Discussion

    More than that to go 2-2 consistently, just keep doing what you are doing and play better players than yourself. They can find things you do wrong and punish accordingly, it's your job to figure out why and how to avoid it. Doing that will take you a long way.
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    Social Spoon Sword Social

    Went to my first bigger tournament and broke even but didn't make it out of pools. Still proud of how I did when the pools were so stacked. Here's the bracket for kit Midwest championships
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