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  • Luigi is Mid tier :p
    Right below Peach lol

    And yeah, I guess I'll just stick with Peach. She pisses people off nearly as much as MK does so it's all good :)

    Anyways, I gotta go. Gonna eat Pizza!
    Later, good talking to you again :D

    EDIT: Ugh, I keep posting on my own wall xD
    I should pick up MK.
    Just to piss people off xD

    I need some high/top tiers backing me up :urg:
    lol xD
    They're just to fun!

    I've basically tried all of the characters, but I get bored of them so fast >__<
    haha awesome. I'm a Elf Mage.
    It's too fun.

    Wish that **** was online MMO style or something, but my version is on PS3.

    And right now uh..........it's hard to say. I started using a bunch of characters, but Peach is still my main and my best character.

    And play around with Zelda, Samus, and Jiggz, and Luigi lol
    Then there are more but I forget....
    haha you have it too?!
    Yes!! lol

    Do you play a Warrior?

    I got it 3 days ago and I'm already like 16 hrs into the game haha
    I'm addicted.

    And that's sweet. Who do you think is your best now?
    Oh, you going to wreck people offline? You should do it lol

    And college sounds like it's fun lol
    I'm still not in school though, just working :p

    I'm doing good. Nothing much has changed though xD
    I've been playing Dragon Age like crazy lately. The game is so ****ing awesome.

    I got 1 hour of sleep last night and I feel fine xD
    Holy crap!

    Hey how's it going? xD

    I never heard of Magfest tho
    What's it about?

    How's school going and stuff?
    haha sure
    I might just use random characters haha

    And hey are you finally done school yet? or do you have tests and stuff still?

    um, I'll host
    We live on different continents. Sadly, the chances of us having no lag are practically nonexistant.
    I don't brawl that much anymore, but that Teran guy said he was bored, so I figured why not

    Brawl is becoming super dull and it's hard to brawl for long periods of time, unless I use characters that I don't usually play
    I was using Random yesterday btw xD

    Whenever I try to dodge your down smash I always get hit D=

    It because I always use spot dodge haha

    And I don't know if I can beat your Link anymore. It's just hard for me to try at this game if that makes sense lol
    Sorry, I'm about to go eat now. You always catch me at the worst times lol

    But go to this chat, it's where I was just at. I bet someone will brawl you. Just tell them Darren sent you haha

    like i said, let me think about it, because you still were put in loser bracket
    but wait? didn't you get in the tournament anyways? cause that offer was because you got bracket screwed out of the tourney, but you got back in and losy, very different, let me think about this
    I forgot to go eat lol
    We might as well play now
    I'll just starve myself xD
    I probably won't play much though, but we'll see =D
    lol I was just about to eat first lol
    Lets fight in.... 40 mins?
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