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  • I don't know why I get so depressed and so joyous at times. I hate people sometimes, and sometimes I'm "meh".
    Oh, the wonders of thrash...

    "You tell me what will become of us?
    Are the lines so drawn and the stage so set,
    That as we age what remains is burdened sufferance?
    My mortality looms in its visage is doom,
    And it's speaking to me alone.
    The years will unfold but what is the use?
    In solitude I'm left to atone.

    The sins of my past are returning to gnaw at my core,
    The scars I have left and those that have been left on me.
    My purpose in life, is it unfair to assume I have one?
    I'm not fooling myself, what now awaits is a nightmarish end.

    What I'm saying, do you understand?
    Do you know what it's like to feel inadequate?
    And the future ahead has no place for you,
    As if you ever thought it did...
    Alone in my shell, if I come out I'll die,
    I don't want to escape though I should.
    No, just leave me alone, *i don't want your help!!! *
    Yeah, if you could ease my pain you would... (right!)

    No, you don't even know me!
    And your words of comfort fall upon deaf and frightened ears,
    I lament my bitter fate, lachrymation upon examining my fears.
    I've built a fortress around my soul, impregnable the door,
    I refuse to admit you to my netherworld.
    You're correct, I've absolved my self-control,
    This spiraled course depression has me on.

    I'm a study in despair, domineered by the promise of agony!
    And the happiness is bound, and the hopelessness is found.
    I'm in agony!!!
    Can't you understand, despondency commands my agony!
    And I'm waiting to die alone...

    As I'm drowning in a sea of abused visions and shattered dreams,
    A chilling descent into a phobic hell,
    Insanity's blade performs it's correctional surgery.
    Impending doom in this blackened room, I can give this all away.
    It's all so easy to capitulate, nothing is making me stay...

    Retreating within and hiding behind my wall.
    Dealing without, there's no escape from this moribund state.
    Awaiting deep sleep, we don't care if I don't wake.
    In darkness' hands though terrified, I feel safe.

    I don't fit into the scheme of things!
    These years as an outcast are quickly wearing thin.
    My carefree days are a thing of the past,
    And I welcome the fact that I'm coming to an end.
    Melancholy, my bride, I devote unto thee,
    My, breath, my mind and my soul.
    As silence washes over me, I've never been so tired, so cold...

    Confusion seizes unto me,
    Manacled and beaten, chained up by it's frozen vice.
    This is killing me, but my mind is set, and I'm too weak to fight.
    Have you any idea what it's like to want to die?
    Then you will know from where I speak.
    This winter in my soul,
    This winter in my soul...

    I'm a study in despair, domineered by the promise of agony!
    And the happiness is bound, and the hopelessness is found.
    I'm in agony!!!
    Can't you understand, despondency commands my agony!
    And I want to be left alone...

    Yet again, I have no answers,
    The confusion of my fate takes it's toll.
    Symbolically speaking, what's another life
    That lists "ending itself" as its one and only goal?
    I've examined my options and I see nothing in my sight,
    Is there an avenue I've yet to explore?
    As of now, I'm decided I have nothing to live for...

    Defeated, alone, yet you laugh at the state I'm in!
    I can't help what I am, but you think this is all in my head.
    I'm not asking for help, but I want you to understand,
    That I'm going away, you guess if I'm coming back.

    You wish I had a will to live?
    This condition I'm in didn't happen overnight.
    I've hated myself for an eternity,
    Now I finally feel that I'm doing something right.
    As darkness descends I behold the candlemass,
    I seek intimacy with death.
    Again, you're correct, these feelings will pass,
    When my memory is all you have left.

    My life has metamorphosed,
    Into a marriage of the twisted and macabre.
    I'm sitting here now feeling the effects of my words,
    Trying to see a reason why I should go on.
    I have to wonder, do I still believe in god?
    'cause god no longer believes in me.
    I lay myself down for my final peace,
    I welcome death, my spirit is free...

    I'm a study in despair, domineered by the promise of agony!
    And the happiness is bound, and the hopelessness is found.
    I'm in agony!!!
    Can't you understand, despondency commands my agony!
    And I'm pleading to die alone..."

    Well, the official guide should definitely be a keeper too. I'll keep an eye out for it...
    Promise fulfilled, eh?
    [Random #3]

    With more discernible lacerations, I come to the realization
    That my mounting agony may reinforce the malice
    And now my only alternative may be cauterization
    To bring me and only me the last flow of solace.
    Not new to this, but rest in peace, Marty Balin. Why does death have to claim all the greats? I almost want to do another poem.
    Good grief, Dark Angel! That was some of the greatest 49 minutes and 54 seconds of my life! Leave Scars, man.
    [Random #2]

    To thy existence, life may only constrict,
    And handle like the unconfined and rampant felons.
    Thy despondence runs unrestrained with intent to restrict,
    As one would yearn to reach into the upper echelons.
    I meant to comment to comment on this, but it did't work, and now I'm worried I reported it. I'm so freaking retarded. How do I fix this??? (also, I am following you due to your awesome poetry) Also, how do I fix this??????????
    There shouldn't be a problem as long as the mods see no problem with anything here. It should be fine.
    [Random #1]

    With all this misery and strife,
    My pain could have only crept
    Into me and annihilated any life,
    Which could have been preserved had I slept.
    Man, I'm desperate to add Simon to make it 9, and Young Link to make it 10. I'll think about it...
    Fell God
    Fell God
    I have 10 I'm interested too, though only 3 that I would actually probably main and the rest for funsies. I'm sure we can both make it work haha.
    Honestly, I'll try to go seriously with all, but I'll probably start with two. I really want to try this game, but it takes time.
    Fell God
    Fell God
    Yeah, I know what you mean, sometimes it feels like you're making no progress at all. It can feel like you've spread yourself too thin, and that you're sort of a master of none. Of course that's not true, but losing streaks can sort of make you feel otherwise.
    Jeez, I hope Link is fast enough to be among the upper cast in terms of speed. Just a dream...
    Man, there's that Incineroar bet, then the Hræsvelgr name one. I want to do both!
    Or maybe change name to Veðrfölnir.
    I can't deny this any longer. I will be a Sonic main!

    Well, with my other 7 mains.

    Edit: Or shall I pick one? After that, I will be done.
    Man, that Incineroar bet is still going through my head...and I need to fulfill it (but go back to this avatar after the month is over).
    Why do I ship Link and Zelda even more than I used to? I have no regrets though...
    :ryuhayabusa: or :hayabusa: (or :ryu:, but with a different voice for him maybe). What a dream.
    Man, I need to get that Pro Controller baaaaadly. Maybe there won't be as many buyers where I will go.
    Be careful with the D-pad situation. (smash and xeno controllers are probably the best (assuming you haven't got one))
    I'm not very familiar with that, but do you think Smash-themed controllers are worth using?
    Should I make my main list 8 instead of 7? I'm curious.
    I'm really thinking about Simon. Richter can be a secondary (LOL), because I still find Simon better (as in more iconic).
    Why remind me of those haunted images? My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
    Well, I guess the shock was kinda fun, now that I think about it.
    Maining 7 characters should be an interesting experience. Probably won't expand on that amount, though.
    Iridium from NSider or am I mistaken?
    Yeah, you're mistaken. Sorry, but can you inform me on who that is?
    friend of mine from Nintendo's official forums (and then unofficial); I figured you probably weren't him. it's cool.
    Eh, it's alright. I never realized how many people used that for their username at all, until I looked myself!
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