Yes, these are my character picks. Not much else to say. Maybe they wil change, maybe they will not.

Avatar by Chibiterasuchan.

A diehard Zelda fan and metalhead at this point, and premier Link main here (well, I think I am, therefore I am)! I do like playing many characters, according to my character usage tier list, but I definitely look forward to seeing Link have his chance in the metagame.

Supporting many characters, including Ryu Hayabusa, Wylfred, Isaac, Crono, Erdrick, Terry Bogard, Kyo Kusanagi, Impa (HW, of course), Strider Hiryu, Prince Ali, Zack Fair, Saki Amamiya and Leif. These are not the only ones, though.
Nov 12, 2002 (Age: 16)
Restoring order to the world, slash by slash.
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