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Recent content by InauspiciousPio

  1. InauspiciousPio

    Having trouble opening Melee ISO on Dolphin Emulator

    Recently i have been wanting to try slippi online melee on my late 2008 macbook but every time I click on the iso to open it from the open button on dolphin emulator, a black screen window opens up and after about 30 seconds this appears Please someone help give a solution and thank you
  2. InauspiciousPio

    From [insert Smash game here] to Ultimate: How are you guys adjusting to the new game?

    Why don’t you just use a GameCube controller? You can use it with all of the systems that have Smash except N64 and 3DS
  3. InauspiciousPio

    Kill confirms with Mewtwo?

    Are there any setups or moves that lead to kill confirms? I’m playing friendlies with my cousins and i like to kick their butts, this time with Mewtwo.
  4. InauspiciousPio

    Concept - Melee Mode

    I wouldn’t want a Melee mode, I’d want it to have the Melee mechanics in GENERAL.
  5. InauspiciousPio

    How to convince parents to let me go to tournament

    There is some cursing though, so keep that in mind. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6tgWH-qXpv8
  6. InauspiciousPio

    How to convince parents to let me go to tournament

    I’m struggling with the same thing. I have a bad local scene though, so there arent really too much tourneys for me to go to. Is your scene any better?
  7. InauspiciousPio


    All ears for this. Made a post about this too.
  8. InauspiciousPio

    Cencal Smash Community

    We need a bigger community in the Central Valley. My fellow Cencal smashers, any suggestions on how to grow?
  9. InauspiciousPio

    What's the difference between Dr. Mario's forward smash and Chidori?

    One is actually useful. The other belongs to a clone.
  10. InauspiciousPio

    Completed [Download available] Poses for Classic Mode VS

    Can we please get a pack with the transparent images of the characters?
  11. InauspiciousPio

    Who would you like to see compete in the 2018 Super Smash Bros. Invitational?

  12. InauspiciousPio

    Smash Wii U ridLey BrOkEn mOvE Discussion

    My cousin picked up Ridley as his new main and it’s just the worst.
  13. InauspiciousPio

    Smash Wii U ridLey BrOkEn mOvE Discussion

    Lol Ridley is already broken what you talking about? HE’S AS BIG AS FD.
  14. InauspiciousPio

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    What if Goku DID join Smash? That’d be nuts.
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