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    The 2006-2008 Tier list

    Pichu can outmanuever Mewtwo like a *****, and has a chaingrab on Fox and Falco which is why he is higher (afaik).
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    Marth Q&A-Ask your questions here!!

    The one where you hold back makes you move backwards while fairing. You can still fastfall however, but you'll get less distance. A normal fastfalled fair just goes straight up and down, and is quicker than a backwards fair which has travelled the FULL distance backwards.
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    My marth be nastee, I think

    I just watched the matches, and you're definantly right Sonic. Spacing is key vericz.
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    I'm somewhat new

    Unless you need some seriously fast button presses, eg. SHDL with Fox.
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    whats a good marth stategy?

    No problem, apologizing means your willing to learn, so you're in my good books :D. Just remember, your questions will 95% likely be covered in the Stickies, and the ones that aren't you can post in the Q and A section. Good luck er... Marthing?!
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    My marth be nastee, I think

    Lol its hillarious how noobs read the first post, then copy it into their own to make them look clever. I havn't watched the vids but i'm guessing your better than the comments make you out to be.
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    Rate my friend's Marth

    Because he's European? At least thats why I play pal :D. Marth rapes fox so hard on Pal its not even fair...
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    whats a good marth stategy?

    Basically, the best strategy is to stop being a noob, stop making useless threads, read stickies, learn advanced techs, watch videos, then come back here in one month after your fingers are raw from practicing. Please, stickies are there for a reason. I mean, its cool to ask questions but...
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    Any epic challenges out there?

    Ok, then why don't YOU try it then. If you win and show us vids, i'll let you reposess my house. Honest. Edit: Actually I wont :P. But you get the point.
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    Best/worst stages

    No clue? O.o It's a nice stage, but she probably doesn't like it because fox can camp rediculously, and run away FOREVER from every character save CF (who wil take more damage) by running around the stage in a circle. The stage practically endorses spamming. People can also camp the...
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    Any epic challenges out there?

    99 Stock Match. Flatzone 3 Level 9's (Marth, Falco, Sheik) set to 9 Handicap You playing a bottom tier character, and set your handicap to 1. Win. I guess that would be classes as epic.
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    Best/worst stages

    Best: Dreamland 64. Not for any particular strategic reason, but I love the atmosphere/music of the stage :D Worst: Icicle Mountain. Nuff' Said.
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    The REAL Edge Turn

    O.o UMBC I don't think his post was about edgeguarding :D.
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    Am I fit for Competitive Smash?

    Qft. 10chars
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    event match 51 problem HELP

    Perhaps there's an additional requirement you have to do... But if there is I have no idea, sorry. Otherwise, i'm guessing it's a glitch O.o
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