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Recent content by IM Meen

  1. IM Meen

    Kirby Fighters X (basically Smash but with Kirby)

    King Dedede could use references from the anime, and even have one his voices be the one from that show.
  2. IM Meen

    Super Smash Bros. Lawl

    The next video will focus on the narrator, palette swaps and select screen of the game.
  3. IM Meen

    Super Smash Bros. Lawl

    Judging from what I heard, a beta of the game will be released shortly after this. Judging from activity going on in the game's Facebook page, you may see these characters next: The King IM Meen Dr. Robotnik Dr. Wily Ib Mary Hitler Gaston On a side note, I am helping to come up with ideas for...
  4. IM Meen

    Super Smash Bros. Lawl

    I heard from Demic Studios that after he finishes Yomika, he will release the first build of the game (the beta).
  5. IM Meen

    Super Smash Bros. Lawl

    Demic Studios just confirmed on his Facebook page that he has finished alternative colors for the Nostalgia Critic and is working on Yomika now.
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