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  • There's a list of "currently active users" at the bottom of the boards page >.>
    It's how I find interesting people (I found out that CO18 apparently was potentially interested in seconding lucario in this way).
    Yeah, good Marth doodle, the first battle w/ C. Falcon was really funny XD. You had pretty bad luck on that one.
    good games we had yesterday and stay the same you are great with your lucario
    hey lets brawl when u can bro! thanks for joining the B.B's. my code is 4983-5293-3516 peace&laters
    No Hes Not But Im Always Changing Of Avatar Also Nice To Meet U Too So Did U Add Me Cause I Want To Start Battling U.peace
    Nice to meet you doodle, here's mine: 4253-3211-7214. Out of curiosity, is your avatar supposed to be a Black Mage?
    sup ilucamy here is my friend code 3308-4242-5654 if u want a descent challenge. b wating for u respond
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